Thursday, July 30, 2015

If you were anything like me and you jammed in as many Splendour sideshows into the past week, then you find out that The Vaccines weren’t on stage till 10.30pm and you find yourself thinking about how you might actually fall sleep during this gig? But let me tell you as soon as The Vaccines hit the stage I was well and truly awake and all previous thoughts had completely vanished. 

Palma Violets opened the show and surprisingly they didn’t lose a microphone, there was a close call when front man Chilli Jenson got a little too wild and the mic ended up in the pit!  They did a brilliant job at getting the crowd amped with their garage rock sound.  Shout out to their crewmember who also doubled as a killer harmonica player; I think you truly stole the show with those skills. 

The Vaccines kicked their set off with the track ‘Handsome’ from their recently released third album ‘English Graffiti’. They were then straight into ‘Wrecking Ball (Ra Ra Ra)’ an older track that still packed a punch which got the crowd dancing and moshing. 

The Vaccines have the ability to create these quick snappy songs that are full of urgency that you can’t not enjoy, The set list was overloaded with the perfect combination of tracks from all of their albums, performing hit after hit the gig seamed like it had it all! Performing songs such as  ‘Wetsuit’ ‘Give Me a Sign’ and ‘Teenage Icon’ the songs often complimenting one and other, new songs slipped in perfectly with the much loved older tracks creating an almost seamless show. 

As young was tuning his guitar between Melody Calling and (all Afternoon) In Love he made the confession that the two songs are about the same person, exclaiming “I don’t even think The Vaccines knew that” displaying the openness the band has with their fans. 

The last three songs off the set where the definite highlight of the show, it seemed to be one chorus screaming song after the other, ‘I Always Knew’ ‘If You Wanna’ and ‘Nørgaard’ perfectly topped off the jam packed set. 

The encore included the ever-popular ‘No Hope’ Young appearing on stage with just an acoustic guitar, he encouraged everybody to sing along and they obliged. Let me tell you, there is no greater sound than hearing an entire crowd belting out the chorus to a your favourite song, it in ways is uplifting which is ironic when you’re screaming the lyrics of a song called ‘No Hope’.

There was nothing groundbreaking about the show, but sometimes you just have to go to a show and receive what you basically came for and that is straight up music and The Vaccines provided this and there is nothing wrong with that. 

Words by Brittney Klein 
Photography by Joshua Pike

The Vaccines // Palma Violets // Green Buzzard