Thursday, July 30, 2015

Everybody at a Splendour sideshow is either bitter that they weren’t at Splendour, or just returned from Splendour greedily wanting a second showing of their favourite band. Whatever it is everybody is always down to have a good time and The Wombats provided that on Monday night at the Hordern Pavilion. 

Kicking of the show was support from Liverpool band Circa Waves, shooting through songs off their debut album Young Chasers the band was well received by the audience, ending with their set with ‘T-Shirt Weather’ got everybody singing and doing a good ole hand clap, and if you weren’t a fan of Circa Waves before you most definitely are now.    

There was no stopping The Wombats as soon as they stepped onto stage, we were quickly addressed by lead singer Matthew Murphy “Sydney, my sweet sugar coated cherubs, how are you?” and then we were thrown straight into ‘Your Body is a Weapon’ and ‘Into the Fog’, it was a strong and electrifying start. 

There were a few little mishaps here and there during ‘Greek Tragedy’ that left people a little confused. When the start of ‘Headspace’ sounded more like an alien trying to make a connection than a song, it was then confirmed they were having trouble with their keyboards. They were quick to confess their technical difficulties; there was a moment of dead space where Murphy quickly tried to ease the tension by asking the crowd if they know any jokes. “You can boo us if you want”, but they were presented with encouraging yells from the audience, which showed the amount of love and support the audience has for the English band. 

Technical problems long forgotten The Wombats tore through an abundance of crowd pleasing anthems with ‘Techno Fan’ ‘This is Not a Party’ and ‘Kill the Director’ there was never a dull moment. The Wombats a must see act, they have this ability to make you forget life outside of the concert hall. The thing that is happening in that moment is what is most important; with their uplifting music and charming personalities you don’t need anything else. 

The encore included ‘Emoticons’ and ‘Let’s Dance to Joy Division’, which were definite highlights of the night, the entire crowd truly came alive. But what came, as a surprise was the jam that happened at the end of the show, which in ways sounded more like a heavy metal show with insane riffs and insane light show it was something truly amazing.  

Written by Brittney Klein