Thursday, July 30, 2015
(Photo Kristy Smolcic)

Circa Waves has been touring the country as part of this years Splendour In The Grass festival and as support during The Wombats' arena shows. We had the opportunity to take a few pics of the lads as well ask Joe Falconer (guitarist) and Sam Rourke (bass) a few questions about their time in Australia, Splendour and what's next for them, before their show in Melbourne on Wednesday. 

Emily: For such a young band, you guys have managed to do so much, like playing a few big festivals lately, with Splendour, Glastonbury, Latitude, what has been your favourite? 

Joe: Favourite festival? It’s gonna sound really corny, but you’re gonna back me up here Sam, cause we were just saying this, and we don’t say this everywhere we go, but Splendour. 
Sam: Yeah the main stage at Splendour is probably my favourite main stage, just the natural amphitheatre, just makes it an awesome environment. 
Joe: Yeah and we actually got some time off at this one, usually we leave straight away.
Sam: Yeah we had a good time there. Then there was Glastonbury that was pretty special… because it was Glastonbury. And playing Japan, I always wanted to go to Japan, and we got paid to go there so that was alright. It was the first big culture shock I’ve had, I was like wow, things can be different.

E: For the time that you did have off at Splendour, who did you get to check out?

S: We saw a little bit of Pond… I got kicked out of Azealia Banks…

E: [Laughs] What did you do?

S: Nothing, Nothing… haha, this bouncer took a disliking to me.
J: You would have been giving him some attitude… a bit of ‘don’t you know who I am?’ [laughs].
S: Yeah I gave him a bit of ‘don’t you now…’ [laughs] nah I didn’t.
J: But yeah so Pond was really good, Dandy Warhols, but I can’t really remember much of what was going on, and Florence was awesome, I had to leave halfway through her set, but she is amazing. I have never seen her live before, it was great. 
S: I watched us… thought we were pretty great [laughs].
J: Yeah I really enjoyed us.

E: So I didn’t get to go to Splendour, but I heard a live recording of your song ‘T-Shirt Weather ‘ and the crowd was just going nuts for you guys. How have you found the response from your Australian fans?

J: This is one of those things where I think Australian fans are unbelievably enthusiastic. They have a lust for life. In Europe they can be quite reserved, but you all just want to have a good time. And I think that’s fits with our philosophy, a good way to live your life.
S: It reminds me of Scotland, the passion, for getting smashed, getting smashed and listening to good music.

E: So during your tour around Australia do you get to see much of it? Do you have a favourite city yet?

S: Haha, ok so basically all these questions, you’re going to think we’re making it up, it’s typical, but genuinely, Splendour is our favourite festival, Melbourne is our favourite city, we love playing in Australia.
J: All those things are true. The last time we were here we totally didn’t do Melbourne right, we missed all the lane ways, had a terrible time trying to find somewhere to drink, everyone was just really jet lagged. Then the next time we had a kind of guide that said ‘this is where you should go’ and we had just the best time ever.

E: So when you were here for Splendour last year, your EP had just come out, this year for Splendour you debut album “Young Chasers” is out. How do you feel having it released?

S: Knackered.
J: It’s just good, now more people know our stuff. Like the year before we played at Splendour and it was good, but it was more about winning people over, proving ourselves. This time the crowd knew the words to every song, and it’s interesting to see certain songs, I wouldn’t have expected them to know, being more popular. And it’s nice, it’s a nice development. It used to be like you have to plan the set around the singles, now it’s kind of good, not so obvious. 

E: You guys have this cool, laid back, indie rock sound to your music. Is this a genre you always wanted to be a part of, or did it just happen that way?

J: I think this was always the plan for the band, when Kieran started writing songs, he sorta said this is what the bands going to sound like and wrote with in the style, and as we all started playing gigs and working together it developed into something that’s just quite us. I mean we have our influences quite obviously, but I think we sound like four people playing there songs and were getting better with the song writing, based on what we do like and we complement each other. Now that were more clued up about what we want to do, more scope for the second record. 
S: Yes

E: So have you started making plans for the second record?

J: Yeah well my main plan is which hot country can we go to? Haha as long as it has a pool and beach then were fine. Haha, my list is getting longer and longer, like um quad bikes.
S: And a studio. 
J: Oh yeah obviously a studio haha yeah that’s quite important.

E: You have some side shows happening at the moment with The Wombats, are you excited about this tour?

S: Yeah! Well both being from Liverpool, it’s like ‘represent’.
J: Yeah there’s something quite nice about doing these festivals then going and doing the sideshows. You’re playing to big crowds and being the support act you show up last, go on first, you can go back and have a drink. It’s quite nice. Less hectic.
S: Yeah half an hour set, in and out. Good.

E: And so what’s coming up next for Circa Waves after this Australian tour?

S: Lollapalooza, yeah so we’ll be in Chicago, doing a couple of dates around America, then back to England for a festival, then to Romania.
J: Yeah should be good. Hopefully we can get a chance to see some stuff. 
S: Pack your swimming shorts.
J: Might just stay there.
S: You can just email over your bits for the new album.
J: That’s the dream yeah.  

Words by Emily O'Brien 
Photographs by Kristy Smolcic