NOW PLAYING: Dornik - 'Drive'

Monday, July 13, 2015

Dornik is an up and coming R&B talent from the UK, whose slowly making a name for himself with his great song writing and production. Dornik is signed to PMR/Caroline Australia with help from fellow UK signer Jessie Ware. 

The video tells the story of teenage rebellion, sneaking out, drinking, and getting into fights. It has a really nice aesthetic to it, the directing is also good and it is not filled with cringe acting or storylines, overall is it a great video, which is entertaining. 

The video commits the biggest sin any music video can, at least in my opinion. The music is overlapped with the video audio and stops completely in some areas. It takes away from the song, making it hard to understand and messy. It puts it in the background, making it barely audible at times. The video also drags on a fair bit. I understand that the video and audio is a part of one artistic piece and shouldn’t be juxtaposed, but I just cannot help it.

The reason I am so disappointed by the audio of the video taking foreground against the song, is that the song is really good. Dornik’s voice over the smooth beat is so relaxing and impressive. He has a great range and an amazing voice. The production for this single is also top notch, an atmospheric beat with great mixing. This single has got me really excited for the new album ‘DornikThis is someone who you should keep an eye on. 
I still find myself listening to the audio version, and after watching the video I think you should too. 

Written by Rhys Prka