Friday, July 24, 2015
(Photographer: Tim Doig)

Opening the night was alternative pop outfit Tigertown. What I love most about them was their alluring melodic harmonies. One of the crowds favourites was older track 'What You Came Here For'. The charming tune was tantalising live. The familial quintet also found a favourite in pop anthem 'Paper Note'.

Next up was the rising star and electronic queen George Maple. The things most awe-striking about her is her soulful and sultry vocals, and her overall stage presence is just as amazing. The closer to her set 'Talk Talk', has been experiencing vast radio play and was a perfect ending to her set and a wonderful and much needed amp up for the main show (I mean, it was a Wednesday after all).

It was only a few weeks ago MS MR (Lizzy Plapinger the MS and Max Hershenow the MR) released How Does It Feel, the most exciting thing about the albums release is that their appearance on Aussie shores means that their shows are bound to feature brand new tracks during their performances to mix things up. Obvious favourites included material such as ‘No Guilt in Pleasure’. Another upbeat number that brought the party and some boogies amongst the members of the audience inclueded ‘Painted - which also happened to be the closer before they returned for their much deserved encore. The pop track, which features powerfully evocative lyrics and grooving electric guitars provided the perfect way to end the tracks to their main set, whilst still leaving the crowd craving more. The shifting rapid tempos of the track caused the place to go crazy, and when it was time for them to return for their encore, everyone was more than ready to see what this legendary duo have on offer. 

‘Fantasy’ was also another highlight of their set. The dark electropop tune transformed 170 Russell into an electronic wonderland. Without a doubt, it’s the energy that MS MR bring that sets them apart of the pack. They know how to put an entertaining show on and they certainly proved that last night.

Written by Amy Smolcic

MS MR | 170 RUSSELL | 22.7.15
Photographer: Tim Doig