Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Playing a sold out show at Sydney’s the Metro Theatre Sunday night, Years & Years entranced the audience with their energetic stage presence and infectious sound leaving everybody wanting a little more from the London based trio.

If you’re prepared to have a good time then you’re in the right place at a Years & Years gig. It is endless fun, even during the slow parts. Having the pleasure to watch my favourite tracks from the bands debut album ‘Communion’ played live was magical. Opening with ‘Foundation’, Years & Years were greeted with a huge roar from the packed venue. Olly Alexander’s vocals live are killer, as well as his dance moves, bursting straight into ‘Take Shelter’ the crowd instantly was ready to dance and have a fun night and you know when the artist takes off his jumper after the second song because he’s “too hot” you’re in for a good time. 

Olly Alexander makes small talk with the crowd between songs as his band mates Emre Turkmen and Mikey Goldsworthy prepare for the next track. Often giggling and being slightly awkward he admits “I’m not very good at stalling” but as soon as the opening notes of ‘Desire’ comes in he is back to being confident, jumping around on stage and dancing as if his life depended on it. He has the audience completely under his control, often taking time to look further than just the front row. At one point running across the stage spraying water over everyone exclaiming “I feel like I’m in Coyote Ugly”. 

The audience loves them, obviously. Playing new tracks from Communion such as ‘Ties’, ‘Gold’ and ‘Border’, it was apparent that the audience was extremely familiar with their new material, singing almost every word leaving each of the band members with little smiles on their faces. The heartbreakingly emotional ‘Memo’ and ‘Eye’s Shut’ offered a nice calming moment between such high-energy set, where Alexander’s voice shines, and displays just how beautiful it truly is. 

After the band played Byron Bay’s Splendour in the Grass the previous day with limited equipment they had sourced from backstage due to their own being stuck in Canada, I think it was a real sigh of relief when they were reunited with all their gear in Sydney. Playing a cover of Sean Paul’s ‘Breathe’ was an instant crowd pleaser; everyone went insane before finishing the set with the infectious ‘Real’. 

‘King’ was their encore, of course and it had the whole crowd going wild, with everyone jumping and dancing together screaming the lyrics to the song that really put them on the map. This gig was crazy and it will be exciting to see how their live performance improves in the future. 

Written by Brittney Klein

Featuring: Panama
Photographer: Joshua Pike