TRACK REVIEW: Dizz1 - ‘What You Want’ (ft. Killbot Kindergarden + Frank Nitt)

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Melbourne-based turntablist, producer and drum kit expert Dave Norris, known as Dizz1, has released his latest single “What You Want” featuring alternative R&B duo KIllbot Kindergarten and rap duo Frank Nitt, two legendary MC’s from Detroit known from their work with J Dilla. Dizz1 has been slowly carving a reputation for himself and these latest singles shows why. 
This new single is the latest song from “In Sickness & In Health”. Dizz1 has been able to gather a large number of features from all around the world for his latest album; Aloe Blacc, Motely, Candice Monique, Sadat X, Om'Mas Keit, Ali Fern, Rucl, Warrior Queen, Tame One and Spike Tee. Ranging from underground UK vocalists and Grammy award winning artists, Dizz1 has spanned the globe for his new album. 
The production on this song is top notch. Bringing a groovy old-school beat but with a modern vibe. The transitions between beat changes are clean and helps keep the song from becoming to stale and really adds another layer to the single. Normally when producers try to transition from an upbeat instrumental, to a slowed down one, then back to the upbeat instrumentals it sounds sloppy, forced and kills any momentum the song may have had, however Dizz1 is able to keep the momentum of the song and keep it interesting. The low down bass and clap sounds add a nice constant sound which is groovy and catchy. Though, I do feel like the song drags out for a little longer than it needs too. 
Frank Nitt comes through with two verses on this song and is basically what you can expect from them. Very tongue-in-cheek humour, I especially liked the line “Fuck a penny for your thoughts I need a 50 from your wallet”. Nothing especially exciting but the feature isn’t bad. Mostly a bit mediocre, but they have a good flow well and their voices fit well with the groovy beat. KIllbot Kindergarten brings a catchy sounding hook and some great vocals that seem to bring an old-school vibe to the old-school beat. However they do get a bit repetitive. 
The single is definitely one you should check out if you are a fan of underground production or hip hop.

Written by Rhys Prka

Listen to 'What You Want' by Dizz1 below. He is also currently on tour across Australia and New Zealand – find out the remaining dates below.

Thu 2nd July – Play Bar, Sydney
Fri 3rd July – Ponsonby Social Club, Auckland
Sat 4th July – Havana, Wellington
Fri 10th July – Mojo’s, Perth
Sat 11th July – Transit Bar, Canberra
Fri 21st August – Boney, Melbourne