ALBUM REVIEW: Frank Turner - 'Positive Songs For Negative People'

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Frank Turner is back, this time with 'Positive Songs For Negative People'. The opening track on his sixth LP is 'The Angel Islington' - an ode to his home North London. The acoustic number provides an insightful introduction on what the album is all about, such as starting fresh, positivity and finding the strength within yourself. Next up is 'Get Better', where we see Turner find some fire. The exhilarating track sees him turn the energy up. It's here we also see true power in his vocals.'The Next Storm' is the lead single from the album, it is also the most catchy tune. With it's infectious and mind-sticking tempo, positive lyrics and good-vibes guitar - it's hard not to love the song.

'The Opening Act Of Song' is full of spiralling emotion and soul. The track also features the sounds by Matt Nasir. 'Glorious You', which was unveiled online a week before the albums official release, is one of the most positive tracks from the album- especially with lyrics such as "So come on now if we all pull together/we can lift the weight of the world from your shoulders/ Just for a moment or two". 'Mittens', another single release, reveals a story of an unforgotten and unrequited love. This song is driven by the touching narrative. The chorus hit's particularly hard - "Cause i once wrote you love songs/ You neve fell in love / We used to fit like mittens, but never like gloves." His ability to capture the sadness and essence of heart-break is a true testament to Turners raw talent ad beauty in his songwriting. 'Out Of breath', yet only two-minutes long sees the pace of the album pick-up a few notches. It's fast nature and punk-esque sounds is unrelentingly - plus incredibly dynamic.

As mentioned earlier in the review, finding inner strength is a major theme of the album, 'Love Forty Down' is evidence of this. This track is all about fighting even when the odds aren't in your favour, a feeling many of us can relate to. 'Silent Key' is a dedication to American School Teacher Christa Mc Auliffe, who died in 1986 when the challenger space shuttle exploded only 75 seconds after there launch. The song sees Turner put the listener in the perspective of Christa and her thoughts and feelings during her two-and-a-half minute fall back to Earth.

The highlight of Turner's sixth album is his touching lyricism and incredible ability to produce a narrative in his music. His words have the capability to provide guidance and support to anybody who needs to find strength through troubling times.

Rating: 8/10
Fav Tracks: 'Glorious You' and 'Silent Key'
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