ALBUM REVIEW: Last Dinosaurs - Wellness

Sunday, August 30, 2015

After spending 2-3 years touring their highly successful debut album In A Million Years across the globe, Brisbane based band Last Dinosaurs are back with their matured sophomore album, Wellness. 

The band set up camp on the Central Coast with Producer Scott Horscroft (Silverchair, The Presets, Empire Of The Sun) at The Grove Studio, a comfortable and relaxed recording space that helped the band immerse themselves in the music they wanted to create. This focus and immersion along with the chilled and comfortable atmosphere is heard throughout the 10-track album, which is full of polished tracks with an upbeat disco style sound.

Lead single Evie gave fans a taste of the band’s growth since their debut album. It is saturated with synth that will have you dancing around the house, it’s optimistic and at some stages naïve lyrics only add to the carefree vibe of the entire album. 

This relaxed and carefree vibe is only showcased further through the tracks Take Your Time, Karma, Purist, Apollo and Always. The bands indie-pop sound has developed further with the clever layering of instruments and well-written lyrics that take the listener on a journey through a fleeting romance. It’s an album full of tracks that will have you ready to ring in the summer, with their catchy disco beats and big pop hooks. 

The album hits its peak when we are thrown into Wurl, a fast paced, drum heavy track that launches us into another galaxy with its tropical guitar riffs. The track slows down as sounds reminiscent of an 80s space movie, smoothly transition us into Wellness, a track that sends us floating amongst the stars with it’s slower melody and breathy, somewhat dream-like vocals. We are left drifting through space recounting past relationships and wondering what could have been. 

The album brings us back to reality towards the end as we move into Stream and Zero, tracks that have an even further mature and clean sound. It’s almost as if an understanding has been found after coming to terms with the fleeting romance and a journey onto self discovery is about to begin. The lyrics will resonate with listeners as connections from personal experiences can be made with the truthful lyrics.  

Last Dinosaurs’ take us on a journey through space and time with this sophomore album. Their crisp pop instrumentals and emotionally drenched lyrics show an understanding of pop music, allowing them to create an album full of clever pop tracks that echo the disco era with an otherworldly ambiance. It’s an album that will have you up on the dance floor, transporting you through space and leaving you in another world through its optimistic and honest tracks. 

Written by Gabrielle Clement 

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