EP REVIEW: Eves The Behavior - Eves The Behavior

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Eves The Behavior is the stage name for Queensland’s Hannah Karydas. Her self-titled EP is nothing short of phenomenal. I’ve listened to it several times now and every time I do I fall in love a little more. My only grievance is with the final track a remix of one of her originals. It’s not to my taste but I appreciate the effort.

There’s something very dark about it. It’s heartbreaking yet hopeful, lyrically mysterious and her vocals are effortlessly sexy. The songs are from a different time time, they hold this ethereal glow. I applaud her for doing something so different, so well and so beautifully. 

She opens the EP with TV a mournful track that sets the dark tone. The song opens smoothly and then builds, layer after layer. It’s very powerful. Then you’re hit with ‘Electrical’, just as mysterious, I say hits you because the song just starts. It instantly pulls you in. Just as heartbreaking as ‘TV’, but the melody is more upbeat and developed than the previous. Again it’s multi layered and showcases Eves’ lyrical talents, vocal range and musical creativity. Following this is ‘Digging’, this track carries on with the dark and mysterious feeling the EP gives out holding onto some more acoustic back notes. It’s more soulful than the other tracks, more grungy and stripped back. The final track is a remix of ‘TV’. It’s an interesting reinterpretation of the original but I just can’t get my head around it.

The EP is incredible. Eves’ has managed to create a small collection of songs that surround you. It’s music you can feel not just hear. It’s refreshing but completely unsubtle. She’s thrown her sound right out there, taking no chances. This EP is just a little taste of the big things she has coming for us. 

Written by Sophie Green Moore

Eves The Behavior - Eves The Behavior
Rating: 9/10