FEATURE: 10 Of Noel Gallagher’s Most Legendary Moments

Monday, August 17, 2015

Noel Gallagher, the words to most accurately describe him don’t exist. Talented and honest he and the band Oasis took the world by surprise in the 90s as part of the Britpop movement. Here are 10 of his most legendary moments. 

“Do these people think they’re the f***ing avengers?” – on the launch of Tidal, Jay-Z’s star spangled music streaming service

In an interview with Rolling Stone shortly after the launch of Tidal, Noel fiercely entered the debate about the new streaming service. He has openly stated in the past that he would rather people owned music as opposed to streaming, so unsurprisingly his expletive filled opinions on Tidal are pretty strong (and negative). Commenting that the goals of the service were to “save music”, but really it was just for A list artists to get a bigger pay day.

"Unless there’s a f***ing section that says 'Noel Gallagher’s music collection' then I won’t be listening to it” – on the release of Apply Music, world radio

Again, on the future of music sales and streaming services. Quoted as saying that the days of record (and CD) buying being over “makes him sad”. As for Apple Music, he has compared their recent Apple Music, world radio, as “some sort of George Orwell s***”, from this he can only be talking about Big Brother. In the interview with the Varvet International Podcast, he discussed the uselessness of the ‘Connect’ feature, questioning why you would want to know what artists were doing at any one time, describing it as “creepy”.

"It’s like Apple are driving youth culture, not youth culture driving the world” – on ‘youth culture’ being based on gadgets

In an interview published in the March issue of Square Mile, he talked about his views on today’s ‘youth culture’. Seeing it, as quoted above, as driven by tech giant apple. Again, with expletives in full flow he slammed “middle aged Americans” for deciding what should happen and when rather than it just happening. 

“Average at best” – on his guitar playing

Honest as ever, it’s refreshing to see one of the world’s more arrogant men, describing one his ventures as mediocre. Even friend Paul Weller of The Jam had to agree – “Bless him, but his playing is rudimentary”. 

“We will not be a footnote, but a footprint…” – on their place in the history of rock and roll music

This self-belief, paid off and those words became a reality. This quote came in an interview prior to the release of Here Now. Not just Noel’s but the band’s confidence and self-belief is what put them strides ahead of the rest.  New generations of Oasis fans are born everyday. They’ve certainly made a lasting imprint in the history books to say the least.

“If you both want to recognize each other and go through the f***in' pain of divorce, f***in' good, 'cause the rest of us do, so join the f***in' club” – on the same sex marriage debate

In the aforementioned Rolling Stones interview, Noel was bluntly asked his opinion on the Supreme Courts same sex marriage bill. In true fashion, his answer was brutally honest and inappropriately funny. A similar response to the views of Kinky Friedman who also ran for Governor of Texas back in 2010 – “I support gay marriage. I believe they have a right to be as miserable as the rest of us”. He posed the question of whether the men in the court room thought “depravity would rain down” should the bill be passed.

“I lighten up once I’ve had a drink” – on drinking with Bono and Morrissey

Along his lightening up, he stated that Bono could outdrink Morrissey. “He’ll be on the bar singing opera… and I’ll be escorted out like James Brown”. He said in the same Noisey interview, Morrissey can drink but doesn’t really get drunk, remaining “viscous” as ever.

''Rock 'n' roll is not dead as long as I'm still going” – on the changes to the music industry

However he did say that had Oasis been starting out today that they would have had nowhere near the same amount of impact.

“It’s destroyed the mystery” – on the Internet

While admitted that the Internet has given us a lot, he says that it spoils it for the fans to know everything that’s going on all the time. Tweeting this, Instragramming that, “it makes it boring”. The constant connectivity makes it that much harder to be surprised. 

I don’t believe that anybody feels the way I do about you now” – Wonderwall

One of the most talented songwriter’s to grace our time. He outshone himself writing Wonderwall on a rainy Tuesday in Wales for their second album back in 1995. There are few people (if any) who haven’t been graced by the beauty of this song, though it annoys Noel who says “Outside of England, it’s the one song we’re famous for all over the world, and it annoys the fuck out of me. It’s not a f***ing rock’n’roll tune. There’s quite a vulnerable statement to it. When people come up to me and say it’s one of the greatest tunes ever written, I think, ‘f***ing hell, have you heard ‘Live Forever’’? Point taken, and he’s write Live Forever is another standout track from the band. 

Written by Sophie Green Moore

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