FEATURE: 5 Albums That Shouldn’t Have Been Released

Monday, August 17, 2015

Music is amazing. Every now and then however, utterly terrible albums are released. Albums that are basically crimes against humanity. Albums that should have never been released. Shout out to Atilla, BrokenCYDE, Blood on the Dance Floor, Chris Brown, Elvis Presley, and Bruce Willis who all had albums that could have made this list, and any artists I forgot. 

Crazy Frog – Presents Crazy Hits:

Remember the early 2000’s? Remember those ringtone ads with that annoying frog. Well yeah that thing released an album. It seemed to represent just how low we as a society had fallen. The ‘Axel F’ song held top spot for a month, the album reached number 1 in New Zealand and 18 In Australia. This album should be locked away.

Billy Idol - Cyberpunk: 

This album is widely considered one of the worst albums to have been made. This album also created some hostility between Cyberpunk culture and Billy Idol, a beef that led to several e-mail spams, pretty rough beef. This album nearly ruined Billy Idols career at is wasn’t until 12 years later he would release another album.

Vanilla Ice - Hard to Swallow: 

This album nearly created irreparable damage to hip hop. Just like the album name this album was incredibly hard to swallow. 

3OH!3 - Streets of Gold:

I remember when this album dropped. I remember how popular the singles were. For months I had to avoid nearly every form of media to just try and escape this band. It is dumb and not like the fun dumb, just pure stupidity. This album is a crime against culture, we should arrest anyone involved.

Nickelback – Dark Horse:

I know it may seem like I am just jumping on the hate train on Nickelback train but this album is just really really bad. We could use this piece to educated music students. We can use it as a method to teach musicians on how to check every cliché in a hard rock album. 

Written by Rhys Prka