FEATURE: 6 Bands That Need To Get Back Together

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

We all remember the exact place we were the day we found out one of our favourite bands decided to call it quits. A heartbreaking announcement, that’s left many of us lying on the floor at 2am, with every album ever released on full blast, wishing that this was all just some crazy dream. (Or was this just me?).

Here is a list of 6 bands that we think need to get back together, ASAP. 


August 2014 was the month Bluejuice fans had to say goodbye to the much-loved band. Their brightly coloured, loud and enthusiastic shows would be no more. 

Vocalist Stav Yiannoukas found stability in his life with his partner and kids leading to his exit from the band and the end of the band as a whole.

Their quirky, energetic stage presence and funky, indie rock sound is what we are missing most coming up to a year since the band decided to break-up for good. A re-group may not be on the cards but we can at least hope for a reunion tour, right?

Blink 182

Blink 182’s music has been passed down generation to generation. Their influence on current rock and punk rock bands today easily demonstrates the massive impact they’ve had on the music scene. Their harsh guitar mixed with pop melodies ignited the pop-punk scene in the 90s – 00s. 

Yet,  ‘say it aint so’ the band parted ways at the beginning of this year due to some bad blood between the band members. 

All The Small Things, Feeling This and Adam’s Song are just some of the many stand out tracks from the band. Their classic powerful lyrics, loud drums and rough vocals are something we will forever miss.

Speaking on behalf of all fans, Blink 182 I Miss You.

My Chemical Romance

It was a simple Facebook post that broke the hearts of thousands of My Chemical Romance fans across the world in 2013. 

The band had been together since 2001 and rose to fame fast releasing albums and touring across the globe. Their fan base were dedicated and still to this day their music is being shared and bought around the world. 

Rumors about the band getting back together still filter through the web so not all hope is lost! Perhaps the romance of creating music will return and we see a come back in the near future.

Spice Girls 

Now not so much a ‘band’ by definition but with the Internet alive with reports speculating about a possible Spice Girls reunion AND tour it was hard to not mention this power group. Now this reunion sounds fabulous except, is it really a reunion when one of their key performers, Posh Spice, isn’t tagging along? 

We got a taste of what it would be like if the girl group got back together at the 2012 Olympics. Their energy was contagious as they rocked out on top of cars circling the arena, the crowd alive with enthusiasm. If anything this reignited passionate fans across the globe and demonstrated why this pop group need to get back together, all members in tow.

The group radiate girl power so we can only hope this rumored reunion tour is the beginning of a new era as we all need some Spice in our lives!  


Powderfinger is without a doubt one of Australia’s best rock bands to date. Their power rock ballads and incredible live shows are something Australia needs back in the music scene. 

Having released 7 albums over almost 20 years in the industry and countless tours it was sad to see them announce their break-up, which took place after one last massive tour. The reason for this break up being the band felt like they had said all they needed to musically.

We can only sit and hope that the band members find inspiration and more to say musically and group back together. 

Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin is possibly one of the best bands of all time. I mean after being together for only a month the band put out an album, recorded over just NINE DAYS.

The band made music breakthroughs that have heavily influenced music to date. Just one being a ‘reverse echo’ created by Jimmy Page when playing around in the studio. It is best heard on their track Whole Lotta Love.

They set standards for rock arena shows as they played to crowds of 50,000+ bringing an enchanting stage presence of hard rock ‘n’ roll, smoke machines and psychedelic lights to create a night of magic. 

Their influence on rock ‘n’ roll can be heard in bands today. Their fashion forward outfit choices had a clear impact on the fashion world and to this day many artists are still inspired by their style. 

Although, band member Jon Bonham has since passed away so a reunion is not looking likely. Yet, bands have gone on to tour after members have passed away so anything is possible. 

Written by Gabrielle Clement