FEATURE: We Countdown Our 10 Favourite Childish Gambino Tracks

Monday, August 10, 2015

Our favourite Wu-Tang Clan name generator rapper Childish Gambino (Donald Glover) has many talents, acting, rapping, signing, song writing, stand-up, the list goes on. Gambino has proven himself with some great albums, EP’s and mixtapes. With Mr. Glover saying that his Childish Gambino persona may be coming to an end, we decided to count his best 10 songs.

10. No Exit
I love the heavy and atmospheric beat mixed in with the killer hook by Miguel and Gambino’s own lyrical depth, a move away from his usual comedic lyrics was much welcome. 

09.  Retro
Although the song is only a demo, it still has an uplifting beat with Gambino experimenting a bit more on his singing, good rap verses, and some beat changes and vocal samples towards the end of the song making it one of the more interesting tracks Gambino has done.

08. No Small Talk
This song has a phone ringing through the whole beat but it never gets annoying as it blends into the beat and flows amazingly. The feature on this song by Kari Faux was the best of this mixtape.

07. Telegraph Ave ("Oakland" By Lloyd)
This song shows the power of Gambino’s great R&B vocal style, and his rap ability with the quick rap verse near the end of the song, this on top of a great beat makes this song one of his best.

06. Outside
Very personal and explosive opening track, talking about his youth and how he always felt like an outsider, a really touching track with a beautiful hook mirroring Plato’s Cave Allegory.

05. Crawl 
The female vocal samples in this song keep it quirky whilst there are lavish keyboards, great kick drums and beat changes. The beat is one of the best Gambino has been on; it is aggressive and bass heavy.

04. Bonfire
Bonfire is like a bomb. You can hear the aggression in his voice and the heavy beat matches his aggression, with the vocal sample only adding to the intensity of the song.

03. Sober
Sober is just a great catchy and sweet song. With a great beat witch changes towards the tail end, becoming distorted with some vocal samples and then explodes with some guitar riffs.

02. 3005
This song is a great mixture of pop and rap; the two sides complement each other nicely. The chorus is catchy and the melody is great.

01. Sweatpants

This was the first song I heard from Gambino and I automatically loved the song. Mostly I loved some of the hilarious lines that Gambino spits during the song, that, the great beat, and the catchy hook.

Written by Rhys Prka

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