Monday, August 3, 2015

Earl graced Perth with a sideshow this week, and I’m defiantly glad he did, because who has the money to fly out to Splendour in the Grass, and who wants to be covered in mud when you try to party? 
Earl has proven himself as one of the most interesting and hardworking rappers in the game, and shows like this prove his love and affection for his work and his fans. 
The crowd were staples for hip hop culture, young, energetic and fashion savvy. Streetwear culture was definitely in full effect at Villa as everyone was wearing their best outfits for the occasion. The gig was like taking a small sample of popular youth culture in Perth at the moment, Nike shoes, Stussy shirts and anything from your local General Pants Co or Lofi/Street x store. 
You could feel the intensity in the minutes before Earl came on as a pretty intense mosh pit formed off the club music being played, everyone getting hyped up before the main event, with every pause in the song causing the crowd to roar in anticipation. 
When Earl did come on the crowd went crazy. However as we know Earls music doesn’t really match the hype that the crowd was giving him. The heavy bass couldn’t hide the fact that the music was hard to dance to, hard to bounce too. This didn’t faze the crowd as everyone was jumping and pushing people around in the moshpit, to the dismay of the security guards.
Earl even took the time to address the Meek Mill v Drake beef. We were all waiting for him to spill his thoughts on the situation, people holding their phones in the air hoping to get the video of Earl speaking out on the beef. Then he just said “Fuck that imma play my album” and played his new album “I Don’t Like Shit I Don’t Go Outside” in its entirety. 
Through the night earl had some friendly banter with the crowd who were all eating out of his palm, even when he was kinda taking the piss out of them. Like when he asked the crowd to tell him what song to play, then a few moment later just saying, “I’m going to let you know something, I already chose the songs hours ago” or when he asked for total silence from the crowd before he played a song, (it took a few minutes), with Earl pointing one guy from the upstairs balcony for antagonising him cause he wouldn’t shut up(wondering if the guy realised Earl has just knocked some dude out in Sydney a few nights before).
Earl definitely knew that the crowd would be hyped up and that the majority of his set wasn’t made for that, so  he saved his last few songs for bangers which has the crowd going wild. He also played some new songs. The songs were pretty bass heavy bangers which were surprising giving his recent album, but the crowd definitely appreciated the high energy of the songs and of his own performance. 
Earl kept the intensity going after his show, he went behind the decks and started playing a mix of club bangers guiding the night into its bass heavy sleep. 
Written by Rhys Prka