INTERVIEW: Born Lion Discuss Debut Album 'Final Words' and Parties

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Fresh from the release of their debut album Final Words, we had the chance to ask them about the release, the recording process and the craziness of the 'Good Dogs Play Dead' video.

Congrats on the release of your debut album Final Words, how do you feel about finally having your first album out?

Yeah sweet, thank you. It feels like we are a bit pro, maybe semi-pro.   So great, we are actually being taken seriously about our music,  having people give us a shot. Team effort for sure.

What was the recording process like for your first LP? 

I did the drums over two and a bit days, then Nath did his bass and Red and John laid guitars down. Vocals for John and Red were spaced out a bit more irregular with guest vocals from our mates Jessie from Grenadiers and Lachlan Marks and Dean Podmore from Gay Paris. We recorded at Def Studios in Sydney.

Did you encounter any challenges when writing or recording it?

Just the amount of shit you have to remember to play when you hit record. There was a whiteboard beside me that looked like street directory for each track. It wouldn't have made sense to anyone else.  It's funny to look back because we were pretty certain we wouldn't change much before we went into record.  One song in particular was "Suzie". It was the Renovation Rescue of songs. Dave Hammer who Produced the record worked hard with us that to make it flow more and parts to be more substantial in the end. D for Danger and Good Times Jimmy were recorded in sessions a while back. I recorded drums first then cymbals. It was fine doing the drums because I was able to hit pads instead of cymbals, so the sticking would be correct. Recording the cymbals presented more of a challenge due to the fact I couldn't actually hit anything else to imitate playing the drums. It was a bit of a headache and would have looked hell funny.. But in the end it sounded great. You could match the cymbal to the guitar chords etc. But I wouldn't want to ever again. Haha

The aftermath from the party in your video for ‘Good Dogs Play Dead’ looked quite intense. Was this based on any true stories you can share?

It was a true story!  Except for the 9 dead bodies in the pool at end! Basically a doco filmed by Josh Groom at Daniel Antix's place.

If Born Lion were to throw party, describe what it would be like…

In reality a game of Scrabble and Good cup of tea with Mastodon playing a gig in the lounge Room.

You’ve got quite a few live dates coming up, what do you love most about touring?

New places and people. Days never look the same.

You’ve also got BIGSOUND. Are you excited to be showcasing at such an incredible event? 

Yeah we're looking forward to going back. Last time in 2013 had the best vibe. A lot of rad friends bands are playing too. So it's a real treat for us. 

How does Born Lion plan to finish off 2015? 

Nothing set in stone regarding shows but we are going to keep writing for next record and looking at getting overseas.

Friday August 21 - The Workers Club, Geelong
Saturday August 22 - The Bendigo Hotel, Melbourne (Tix here)
Saturday August 29 - Phoenix Bar, Canberra
Friday September 4 - Brighton Up Bar, Sydney (Tix here)
Saturday September 5 - Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle
Saturday September 12 - The Milk Factory, Brisbane (Tix here)
Friday September 18 - Brisbane Hotel, Hobart (Tix here)
Saturday September 19 - Club 54, Launceston (Tix here)
Thursday September 24 - Prince of Wales, Bunbury
Friday September 25 - Jimmy's Den, Perth
Friday October 2 - The Entrance Leagues Club, The Entrance
Saturday October 3 - Captain's At Mariners, Bateman's Bay (Tix here)
Friday October 9 - Cherry Bar, Melbourne
Friday October 16 - The Loft, Warrnambool
Saturday October 17 - Crown & Anchor, Adelaide (Tix here)