INTERVIEW: Question Time With Hannah Field From Little May

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Hannah Field from Little May took some time out from their busy schedule to discuss their forthcoming debut album, playing festivals, and who she's excited to see at Falls Festival 2015. 

What was the inspiration for you single ‘Home’?

Home was inspired by the search and desire to find where it is you belong. 

I read somewhere that you wrote the song 3 years ago, what did you change about it when you revisited it?

We added in a couple more choruses to make it more of a traditional structure and sped up the tempo to give it a bit more of a groove. Bringing a song to a producer is always interesting and pretty exciting because the soundscapes and layers or instrumentation that are introduced can really transform a song and take it from something very garage to something way more cinematic. I feel like that was the most obvious change in 'Home'.

You got to work with Aaron Dessner on your upcoming album, what was it like working with him?

He was/is such a legend. I can imagine for anyone , having the opportunity to meet one of your idols is really nerve wracking. You're thinking "What is they're a massive asshole and all my dreams will be shattered?" but he genuinely is the most down to earth, generous, kind and intelligent human being. There were times we would be sitting there on couch watching him work on our songs and we would have tears in our eyes over the parts he would be playing. 

You’ve been on the road a lot in recent times, what do you miss most about Australia when you’re away?

Probably the most obvious one is family. Then there is good coffee and stoves. When I was little I went overseas once and I missed the pies from the West Pymble bakery HEAPS.  

Has there been a favourite city you’ve played overseas?

Tough one! Playing in Paris at the La Flèche d'Or was pretty incredible, such a beautiful venue. It was my first time in the city and to be there to play our music was very surreal.

You’ve played a few festivals such as Laneway, Bonnaroo, Hurricane Festival and Southside Festival. Do you have preference over festivals or intimate gigs?

I don't have a preference. Festivals are so much fun and everything happens so quickly. Load in, line check, play for 30 mins, load out. You don't have time to over think anything, the adrenalin is running thick and there is no space for nerves. The vibe from the audience is usually really great and it's almost like playing a really legit house party. Intimate gigs are a whole different beast. The nerves I feel before our headline shows are intense. The connection with the audience is usually pretty acute and afterward I think it's normal to feel quite emotionally drained. There is something about playing those intimate gig's that is so special. There is a generosity and honesty that is shared between each person in that room that is hard to describe. 

You’re appearing at Falls Festival this year in Australia, what are you looking forward most to at Falls?

We feel so lucky to be included on such an epic lineup. I am so pumped to hopefully catch Aussie Legends that are Paul Kelly and Courtney Barnett. 

You can catch Little May on the road at the below dates as well as Falls Festival 2015.

Friday 18th September
Oxford Art Factory, Sydney NSW

Saturday 19th September
The Foundry, Brisbane QLD

Thursday 24th September
The Corner Hotel, Melbourne VIC

Saturday 26th September
Jack Rabbit Slims, Perth WA

Ticket  $15.00+ booking fee online | $20.00 on door