We play 'What Song...' with Big Strong Brute

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Paul Donoughue (aka Big Strong Brute) has been busy this year. So far he has released his EP Good Workas well as the video for his single 'Wait'. With a show coming up at The Evelyn in Melbourne on Sunday September 20 (Tickets are available here), Paul recently took some time out to take part in our 'What Song...' feature.

What song reminds you of your high school days? The White Stripes - ‘Hotel Yorba’
I remember the rawness of this record was a revelation for me as a 14-year-old. It was like: these popular, successful musicians are actually imperfect. You cannot underestimate the sense of confidence that gave me -- more than a decade later, I think imperfect is a pretty accurate way to describe my style of music.

What song do you think best expresses your personality? Mattafix - ‘Big City Life’
I'm currently living in Sydney, and whenever I walk through the city, this song always comes to mind. My partner and I are always so busy and put a lot of big-city-life pressure on ourselves to be doing stuff. This song reflects that. Pressure nah ease up.

What song would you love to cover during a live show? The Replacements - ‘We’re Coming Out’
This song goes from raucous punk to lounge jazz in about 90 seconds. Not many bands have the gall to do that. How would I replicate this masterpiece live? I don't know, but it would definitely involve doing those hand clicks. 

What song do you wish was never made? Echosmith - ‘The Cool Kids’
Wow, that's a harsh question. Still, this is a terrible song. It should not exist. 

What song brings out your finest dance moves? Womack & Womack - ‘Teardrops’
My partner and I literally started a mass dance when this song came on at a party recently. Those things almost never happen outside of Kevin Bacon films. That's how true this groove is. 

What song do you wish you collaborated on? Jarryd James - ‘Do You Remember’
The melody, the soaring keys, the falsetto -- this is a ridiculously good song. When robots finally replace human musicians and begin making mathematically perfect pop music, this is the sort of thing where they'll be like: nup, can't beat it, does not compute.  

What song is your guilty pleasure? Billy Joel - ‘A Matter Of Trust’
Listen carefully: you'll notice this song is all verses. There's a few short bridges, but no choruses. And the verses are melodically complex. It's genius. Also, I love the New York block party video clip. I don't really feel guilty about liking it. Billy Joel is cool. "Do we have an 11 button?"