ALBUM REVIEW: Future X Drake - What A Time To Be Alive

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

So out of nowhere we have collaboration between Drake and Future who both have been having a big year for themselves. Both releasing successful albums and doing tours. They seem to keep this momentum going with this new mixtape. Drake doesn’t need to do this collaboration, he sells well enough on his own, but the fact that this mixtape has actually come together is pretty amazing and noteworthy on its own.

With Metro Boomin on production you can kind of expect where this album is going production wise. If you guessed bangers then you are correct. The album is basically a collection of gritty and melodic bangers. However the production kind of sounds like a collection of tracks that didn’t make it onto Futures’ full length project Dirty Sprite 2 (or were heavily influenced by it), and Drake just decided to feature on them. Something that is prominent on this album is the lack of Drake. He seems to just feature on the songs, with Future taking the majority of the stage time. The whole album is like the song ‘Where Ya At’, Future songs with a Drake feature. And the last two songs ‘Jersey’ by Future and ’30 for 30 Freestyle’ by Drake just don’t seem to fit in anywhere. It is odd that on a collaborative album they both get a solo song each. The project does not last long either, so really we only get 9 songs with both of them. 

Lyrically the album doesn’t have much going for it. Seems like the same rehashed things they always rap about. The mixtape really feels slapped together with no real lyrical depth (however I do like Drake’s little intro to ‘Big Rings’).

Besides a few standout songs like the brilliant ‘Diamonds Dancing’ we just get a few throw away beats and lyrics that just doesn’t really do much for me. It seems they could have even cut this down into a short EP just keeping a few of the harder hitting songs. A smaller, more focused EP could have helped with some of the problems this mixtape had. It feels all over the place with no unified target, it is the two of them on their usual aesthetic and style. Which is great if you love them, but I just feel that this could have potentially been a lot more than what it turned out to be, and it is a shame to see that potential wasted. 

The whole album is just decent and this wouldn’t be too much of a problem if this was actually a mixtape. They called this a mixtape but you still had to pay for it? Seems like Drake wants to single handily change the meaning of mixtape. Besides that, decent mixtape that kind of just sounds like DS2. 

Written by Rhys Prka

Rating: 6/10
Fav Tracks: Big Rings, Diamonds Dancing, Jumpman
Least Fav: Change Locations
Release Date: 20 Sep
A1/Cash Money/Epic/Freebandz/ Republic/Young Money