Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The evolution of Mac Miller over the years has been an interesting one to watch. From his indie breakout Blue Slide Park in 2011 to Watching Movies With The Lights Off in 2013 his evolution from immature frat rapper to a more mature rapper has been interesting and this new album GO:OD AM sees this growth continue with his most mature and cohesive album yet. 

This 70 minute long project has features splattered all over it, from Ab-Soul who had a great feature on Two Matches to Chief Keef who is actually fully understandable on Cut The Check. All the features do a great job and were surprising, in the fact that they all blended well into the album. Features can sometimes damage the cohesiveness of an album but Mac has placed these features in the right areas and it helps well listening through the entire album. Although the album has a great list of impressive features the focus is still on Mac, the spotlight stays on him for the whole album. 

This album sees Mac at his most candid ever. He deals with fame, loneliness, and drug abuse. He raps in a relatable and understandable way that makes this album refreshing. His talk on loneliness and depression was also surprising as you don’t see many rappers deal with such topics and it was interesting to hear Mac delving into these dark parts of his psyche. The struggle to be a good man is highlighted by the melancholic production that is intoxicating and dark, but also other hints of hope and optimism. The production list is pretty interesting, enlisting the likes of Tyler The Creator, Thundercat, and ID Labs. The production helps to separate this album from his past releases. The plush and gleaming instrumentation create an interesting and balanced album that makes this album on a plane of its own.

Mac exceeds expectations with this new album. He takes some different beats and seems to experiment with his usual style and vibe. This album takes what was good about his past albums and makes them even better, defiantly Mac’s strongest album to date. The album is well balanced and shows Mac’s devotion to his craft and his talents as a rapper, producer and singer. 

Written by Rhys Prka

Rating: 7/10
Fav Tracks: Brand Name, Rush Hour, 100 Grandkids, Clubhouse, Break The Law, When In Rome, Cut The Check
Least Fav: Ascension, Jump
Release Date: 18 Sep