FEATURE: Local Rappers To Watch Out For

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Hip Hop is slowly blowing up in Australia after a lot of hard work from Def Wish Cast, 1200 Techniques, Hilltop Hoods, Bliss n Eso and many more. Hip Hop in Australia is hitting a point were it has the potential to make it big outside of the country. Some newer artists like Tkay Maizda, and Allday are starting to make waves overseas. Australia has a thriving hip hop scene and listed below are some local artists who are ready to take it by storm. 

Nico Ghost
If you read my review of his latest EP you know I hold this man in high esteem. His smooth flow and unique production style separate him from the pack. He rides the beats he is on with his laid back flow and some sick rhymes. 

Perth 17 year old Evanda released his mixtape ‘Gree’ early this year, and as a Perth resident myself, he is one of the only artists to break through the blandness that is the Perth hip hop scene. His casual flow and relatable lyrics is backed by some great production. He has a lot of work to do to ‘make it’ but I feel he can do it and is someone to keep an eye on. 

Miles Glyphers
Ivory-Coast born, Sydney raised, Miles Glyphers has a laid back flow and honest lyrics that bring together a smooth flowing discography that is impressive and honest. He brings up many emotional topics in his lyrics make each song personal and relatable. 

Baro is a very talented young rapper. His style is a breath of fresh air, he has great flow and amazing soulful production backing him. To summarise how great he is a will leave it to Allday himself: “Baro is just ridiculous. He’s like MF Doom crossed with Mos Def and he’s 17. I just think he’s the best. As soon as I heard him I called my manager and said ‘Manager. Fucking. Baro.”

sol' MANIC
sol' MANIC has a very aggressive and in your face flow with a unique voice that may turn potential listeners away but I implore you to listen more. His flow matches the great production style. Sol’ expresses a lot of emotion in his rhymes and addresses his own emotional state of being, and also of society at large. 

Gill Bates
Gill Bates is very fresh on the scene and with only two songs under his belt it is very hard to see where he may go. But he has his own style and vibe about him that make him a fresh breathe of air. With a sold-out national tour with Allday under his belt and MTV showing him love I don’t think you have the choice of not hearing his name in the future. 

Written by Rhys Prka