INTERVIEW: Andy Marsh from Thy Art Is Murder

Monday, September 14, 2015

Andy Marsh, guitarist of Thy Art Is Murder, gives us insight into the writing the process for Holy War, themes of the album and their much talked about cover artwork.

Congratulations on the release of your album Holy War this year. What was your approach to writing the album?

We didn't do anything out of the ordinary on this one. Sean started long before the actual sessions collecting riffs, songs and ideas, Andy worked on a lot of lyrics and phrasing with our producer and CJ, and Lee tracked drums last this time. That was really the only difference from the Hate recording.

The album sees you take on a number of big topics. What influence did Religion have on the album?

It had a little, namely the title track and a few other songs but nothing that we try to dwell on too much. Its seen too often as edgy or rebellious to be anti religious, that is an old trick, we have transcended that and now just make commentary on the issues we see around the globe. It should be assumed that we come from an anti theist standpoint whilst making our argument lyrically, the fact that we are against religion shouldn’t be the only focus. We feel too often ‘the motivation’ is over analysed when perhaps ‘the result’ should be studied to evaluate the morality of a situation. Religious people might be operating under the guise of good will but year after year and century after century we are only seeing their detrimental effects rear their ugly head time and again.

Holy War is your third album, how do you deal with expectations people may have and pressure when creating a new record? 

The only pressure we deal with is the internal fear of not surpassing what we have created previously.

The cover art is quite controversial, what’s your take on the album cover?

Is it controversial that children in the middle east are frequently strapped with explosives and used for harm? If it’s happened once it is too frequent an occurrence for this lifetime. Too many people shy away from the harsh brutality of what the indoctrinated man is capable of, if you find this image controversial then perhaps you might do some soul searching on your chosen faith as well.

You’re hitting the road with Parkway Drive starting in September, and will be playing your own headline dates in October. What do you look forward most to when touring?

Food, beer, travel and friends. We’ve done a few shows with Parkway throughout the world over the last few years so to embark on a world tour of sorts with them is exciting.

Is there a new track from Holy War that you look forward to playing live?

After touring the world and playing songs from the previous three releases over 500 times, we’re happy to play anything else. Coffin Dragger seems to be our favourite coming off the American and European summer circuits.

What are some musical discoveries you’ve made recently? 

Pvris, outstanding band.

Have you got anything in store for late 2015 or 2016 that you can share?

A world tour with Parkway Drive, then we get a month off.

You can catch Thy Art Is Murder on the road at the dates below

With special guests: Aversions Crown, Feed Her To The Sharks & Colossvs

Wednesday, 14th October - Amplifier, Perth (18+)
Thursday, 15th October - Fowlers Live, Adelaide (Lic/AA)
Friday, 16th October - Corner Hotel, Melbourne (18+)
Saturday, 17th October - The Factory, Sydney (Lic/AA)
Sunday, 18th October - Woolly Mammoth, Brisbane (18+)