INTERVIEW: Question Time With Eves The Behavior

Monday, September 7, 2015

Hannah Karydas (aka Eves The Behavior) has been busy working up a storm, playing at Splendour In The Grass and releasing an EP. With the start of her shows fast approaching this Sunday in Melbourne, I had the chance to ask her about her musical background, forthcoming debut album and the new year.

How did you get involved in the music scene? What was the initial push that made you realise that making music is what you want to do?

Im not sure there was a specific moment. I suppose writing music just tagged along with me through school. It was like an imaginary friend that got me through anything. And when I graduated I applied and was accepted into university, but never acted on my application letter. It might still be hiding in my drawer! 

Did you grow up with a musical background?

My father had guitars around the house, which my big brother took to at a really early age. Seeing him fall in love with the instrument I think is what made me start playing it too. 

Brisbane has a great music scene but not as good as others, such as London or LA, when it comes to developing new artists, did you find it difficult or that it has held you back in any way? 

Brisbane and the surrounding areas does have a prominent scene. A lot of artists doing well in australia and internationally are from here originally… Jarryd James, The Kite String Tangle, DZ Deathrays just to name a few. I have never been someone who jumps in a scene. I’ve never really identified with “being from somewhere”. Im a massive introvert. When I lived in brisbane I didn’t go out much. Im a little awkward with that stuff.. 

You are heading to London to continue writing your debut album, what made you choose London over anywhere else?

Okay perhaps this is where I turn from a lonely introvert to a social introvert! I have a lot of friends who are very anti-scene and reclusive who live in London. Sort of live bats who never emerge from their cave. Everything-people. They do everything themselves. I love that! That’s what Im excited about. Having people to be solitary but not lonely with. 

How do you think London will shape your music?

It might not be “london” specifically, but more the fact that being in new places always rattles my mind a little. Its not a negative thing, its a very positive thing. It peaks my emotions and I tend to write best in those situations

What can we expect from your debut album? 

Hmm… honesty! You can expect to see me come out of my comfort zone I suppose ! Im having the best time making it esoterically. In hotel rooms and in bedrooms, airports.. I suppose its capturing those moments I mentioned in the answer above. 

Your single 'Electrical' really made a splash, especially on Triple j, where you expecting this reaction? Or were there other songs you thought would be more significant?

I hoped it would! Its been very positive and very warming. I think its a good front door into the house of Eves, if that makes sense. Its a good “hello nice to meet you” sort of song. Im so excited to begin unfolding the conversation with my next new track.

You've got some big events coming up that you're playing at, such as the Vogue's Fashion Night Out and the Dew Process BIGSOUND Party. How do playing at events like these compare to playing your own gig?

It’s very much like supporting someone’s show. You dont have full control over the venue, the stage set up. But that’s always a really exciting challenge, to make something with the provisions you’ve been given. Like - here are some eggs and some flour - make what you want with them, but you only have those ingredients. 

Does your performance change in anyway?

Its still the same old me. But maybe dressed in something fancy that I cannot afford. Haha!

Are there any gigs or performances that have stood out as being particularly memorable? Why?

Splendour In the Grass. Holy Moley. I was so thrilled with how that went! I am such a baby act! I have like 4 songs out! But to know that people are interested beyond just those songs is a reeeeeally nice feeling.  It was also the biggest crowd I’ve ever played to. 

You're heading in the right direction for international success, do you see this as being attainable in 2016? Is this the next step you want to take?

I suppose that depends on what you measure as success :) For me success would be to begin an important sort of conversation with my audience rather than a so-so mediocre one. One where its like a big friendship group. Everyone helps eachtoher, lifts each other up. I hope that by laying my shit out on the table, people connect with that. 

Thank you for your time. 

You can catch Eves The Behavior at the below dates:

Sunday September 13 
Northcote Social Club, Melbourne
Tickets here

Monday September 14 
Shebeen, Melbourne
Tickets here

Tuesday September 15 
Newtown Social Club, Sydney 
Tickets here

Written by Jess Vaia