We Play 'What Song...' with Jacob Leaney from Inventions

Friday, September 25, 2015

Melbourne-based Alt-Punk band Inventions recently unleashed their brand new single 'I Said Goodbye'. Along with the release of the addictive track, the single starting from today is a free download up until Sunday on their website. They've also go an upcoming show on 11th October at The Toff in Melbourne where they will donate all profits from the launch to Headspace. Frontman Jacob Leaney recently took time to be part of our latest edition of 'What Song...'

What song reminds you of your youth? Smash Mouth - 'All Star'
I started really listening to music in the early 2000's when I was about 12 years old, but it was rare that I would find something that I enjoyed on the radio. I did however like rock music, so All Star by Smash Mouth stuck with me and is the go to song when I need that nostalgic totally care-free feeling of being a kid!

What song is your ultimate party track? Outcast - 'Hey Ya'
Hey Ya by Outkast. I have never met someone that isn't jumping up and down when this comes on at a party. It is such a contrast to the other party music that generally goes around, and the song gets brownie points for being really interesting musically.

What song do you listen to before you jump on stage? Paramore - 'Born For This' 
I tend to clear my head and get as much silence as I can before performing just to calm myself down and relax, but those days that I just want psyching up generally end up with me jumping around listening to Born For This by Paramore.

What song would you make your theme song? No Doubt - 'It's My Life'
I don't even think I have this song in my iTunes library, but the chorus of No Doubt's cover of It's My Life would be totally awesome if it played every time I walked into a room! 'It's my life, don't you forget, it's my life, it never ends'. Boom.

What song reminds you of your first heartbreak? Pierce The Veil - 'Yeah Boy and Doll Face'
My first serious girlfriend and I listened to SO much music all the time, and I really have to thank her for giving me so many bands and artists to listen to and appreciate. I can't help but think of Yeah Boy and Doll Face by Pierce The Veil when I think back on our break up though, it is such a bittersweet thing to listen to now.

What do you have on repeat right now? PVRIS - 'My House'
There's a fairly new band called PVRIS (pronounced 'Paris') that have just released their debut album, and they are actually touring Australia at the moment but I couldn't make it to their show!! Their song called My House is definitely a big repeat listen, it takes you from an atmospheric place to hard rock brilliantly! 

What song is your guilty pleasure? Taylor Swift - 'Shake It Off'
I am loud and proud about all the music I like so I can't say I have a guilty pleasure per say! I generally don't like that much pop music however, but Shake It Off by Taylor Swift is a song that I'll turn up if it comes on the radio, I guess most people would consider that a guilty pleasure.