ALBUM REVIEW: Parkway Drive - Ire

Friday, October 2, 2015

Parkway Drive is a force in the metalcore genre. They have for years been making a name for themselves and setting trends. They have been making standout albums since early in their career. An aggressive yet melodic sound has given Parkway a pretty decent list of consecutive albums. However this latest album does not live up to the reputation they have created, and is their worst output yet.  

Parkway experiments on this album, they move from their usual sound. I normally would say that this is a good move as it keeps things fresh, but in this case it did not really help. It isn’t like they are redefining the genre or anything, but this sound is defiantly distinct when juxtaposed with their past albums. 

The whole album is just filled with simplistic and unimaginative riffs and basic song structure that it just makes the album a bore to listen to at times. Besides one or two cool breakdowns like on the song “Vice Grip the whole album lacks a sense of excitement, especially when breakdowns are on stage. 

Lyrically, it is a mess. They sound like an amateur band realising their first demo. Lyrics like “motherfucker tell me how the hell do you sleep at night” on ‘Destroyer’, and “We are everything you fear” on ‘The Sound Of Violence’ are bad and unimaginative. It just sounds like no effort was put into the lyricism. The song ‘Bottom Feeder’ really highlights the lack of proper lyricism (and song writing). It surprised me to hear these lyrics coming out of a band like Parkway Drive. 

I have to point out the song “Writings On The Wall”, because it is the worst song they have ever made. This weird song basically sounds like King 810’s throwaways. The piano and the vocalists odd growl whispering thing … or whatever that was. I actually cringed when I first heard this song, and that says a lot. 

The album has a few redeemable qualities. Winston’s vocals are still amazing; his lows are still as crushing as ever. He doesn’t do anything new, but he doesn’t really have to. Some of the riffs are pretty catchy and some of the breakdowns are interesting. But sadly the moments are few and far in between. 

Overall Parkway Drive has tried to experiment a bit but honestly they don’t bring much to the table. The album feels repetitive, unimaginative and generic. There are so many generic metalcore albums and this is just the latest on that large and ever-growing. It is just a shame that it comes from such a great band that usually puts out some great albums.  

Written by Rhys Prka

Rating: 4/10
Fav Tracks: Vice Grip, Destroyer
Least Fav: Writings On The Wall
Release Date:  Sep 25