ALBUM REVIEW: Raury - All We Need

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Raury made his big debut with his EP Indigo Child. It was a risky first presence from the young man and it quickly became a blog darling, with people loving the soulful rock instrumentation and the indie rap tag. So it is without question that his debut album, All We Need, would have a lot of hype. 

All We Need takes his sound from Indigo Child and slightly expands on it and fixes some problems. The album feels like something, that if it came out when he was older, would have been an amazing album. He is only nineteen and at that age this album is still impressive. However he hasn’t ironed out everything yet and it seems like he still needs some time to figure out his true sound. The two projects have similar sounds, nearly identical to be honest.

The album is like a hippies dream rap album. Songs call for unity, love and peace (I mean just look at the album cover). He lunges into these topics with a sense of energy. He has turned down the cynicism on this release but it is still evident all over the album. You can sense this on the album’s opening verse on ‘All We Need’, “Don't hate my brother, God is our friend/I've walked for miles and I see no end/To the hate, oh, to the hate/And we just, sit and wait on...” Sometimes Raury says something that really makes you think, lamenting on consumerism, income inequality, racism and nearly every social issue you can think off. He is young and full of energy, hippiesh energy. However sometimes you can hear his age in his lyrics. Some ideas don’t seem fully formed or just kind of naïve. On ‘Forbidden Knowledge’ he says that “I don't believe we share this universal space alone/I think we got a lot from them, they gave us phones Internet”, I think he touches on some great topics but every now and then he says something that makes you question. The albums lyrics are filled with angst and seem centric to a teenage outlook on life, saving the world and chasing girls. 

Production wise this album has more in touch with folk music than it does rap. It sounds like an album that you play around a campfire. Filled with stringy acoustic guitar like on the song ‘Revolution’ ,some light trap influences like on the song ‘Trap Tears’ and some great 808 bass mixed in. This Woodstock vibe is mixed with some hip hop every now and then. An aspect Raury hasn’t really developed on this album, sometimes he finds a great flow, but it is too far and in between.

This album is filled with guitar jams, hip hop and psychedelic vibes but it sadly doesn’t expand upon his last project. He is sitting on ideas that could form into a great album, he just needs to test himself and figure out how to make this sound work. Something I hope he does on any future release. 

Written by Rhys Prka

Rating: 6.5/10
Fav Tracks: All We Need, Forbidden Knowledge, Friends
Least Fav: CPU
Release date: Oct 16th