FEATURE: Are Music Videos Still Relevant?

Monday, October 5, 2015

Music Videos have helped created many artists careers, from the early days of MTV to the viral videos of today. However, in a society in which music is so easily consumed we have to ask the question, do music videos actually matter anymore? Well I’m going to break it down into separate sections to say that yes, they do matter.

To Tell A Story
Music Videos create a picture of the world created through the music. It brings the lyrics to life; it shows what the lyrics tell us. It is a visual aid to what is going on in the song. This sometimes can give new meaning to a song or just reinforce the original meaning. However it can also stir conversations about its true meaning, take Sia’s Elastic Heart which created a massive dialogue about what the videos true meaning was.

Makes An Impact On The Viewer 
Music videos have the power to leave a massive impact on the viewer. I remember when I first watched Michael Jackson’s Thriller as a kid and I was so scared of the video. However for a more modern example lets’ look at Gangnam Style.  This song would not have been the hit it was if not for the video. I mean, it has over 2 BILLION VIEWS, that is crazy, try wrap your head around that. However, this video became a cultural sensation. If it wasn’t for the weird and quirky video this song would defiantly not be as popular or be the sensation that it was. Music videos create a conversation, a good music video gets people talking about it, sharing it and viewing it.

Showcase Of Talents
Music Videos give the artists a chance to showcase other talents they have besides making music. Look at Tyler, The Creator who directs a large majority of his videos. He uses his videos as a way to show his other talents, and he isn’t the only artists who direct their own music videos. 

One of the best ways to promote new material is through music videos. Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood was shared all over social media, and that was the point of the video. It was made for people to share and to discuss it. It is great promotion for an album, as it gets people watching.

Who Doesn’t Love A Good Music Video?
The main reason why music videos are still important? Imagine if we had no music videos? How boring would that be? Music with just a blank screen. Music videos help us to enjoy songs, how many songs are there that you enjoy more just because of the music video that accompanied it. 

Music videos forever.

Written by Rhys Prka