FEATURE: Haus Trauma Records Launch Party

Thursday, October 15, 2015
(photos above & below - Amelia Steel)

Melbourne boys Seb Chesney and Alif Dodds have been working on this project together since they both realised they shared a desire to create a means of distributing good indie/pop/rock music. So by combining their passions of writing music with recording and producing, they have put together Haus Trauma Records, a label that is targeting the undiscovered talent in Melbourne and all around Australia.

I was lucky enough to be invited to the record label’s launch party, which took place Friday 9th October. Heading to Yarraville, a part of Melbourne I do not commonly venture to, yet after the launch I feel like I may have been missing out on an undiscovered slice of the city I thought I knew so well. Walking down the driveway of units, following the increasing volume of music, I arrived at the last one on the right with nothing but an illusive poster to indicate that I was at the right place. Oh, and the blaring sound from first act Delboca Vista that was penetrating through the walls.

The set list for the night also included bands such as Manorism, Arbes, Lunatics on Pogosticks Jarrow and Seasloth who played half hour sets in interchanging rooms. The atmosphere was set with the rough and rugged interior accompanied with graffiti and street art on the walls that needed to be matched with rustic and raw material from the acts that night, which was definitely delivered.

One band who really stood out to me and was excited to see live was Lunatics on Pogosticks, who have a reputation for their eccentric performances of their fast paced indie rock. From the moment they took to their instruments they were non stop and border line out of control but entertaining to say the least. By the time they pulled out their most recognised song ‘Blood clot’ they were making it impossible for the crowd to stand still.

Although Haus Trauma is just starting up, it is definitely one to watch. The dedication, the hunger and the drive that is being pumped into it from all people involved is something that can be hard to find in the music industry as they take nothing for granted and are preparing to put in the hard yards. From the performances I saw that night, promising music is guaranteed.

Article By Jess Phillips