Tuesday, October 27, 2015

RÜFÜS are one of the few Australian acts who maintain their underground hype and coolness, but also have a massive legion of fans supporting them. The alternative dance trio unleashed a few EPs before the release of their debut in 2013, Atlas, as well as another EP in 2014. In the process of gathering local hype, they’ve also worked hard towards building a big following overseas, including in America and across Europe.

Supports Yuma X and Cassian ensured that the crowd were warmed up and ready for the main show. Though their support lots were not memorable, they did there job as stage warmers for who everybody was waiting to see.

Opening with a crowd favourite ‘Sundream’, they made their mark on the stage early on and provided fans with a preview of what they should expect from the night. The dreamy and super smooth track saw the crowd erupt, unleashing their finest dance moves. It wasn’t their opening sounds that were the only thing that was impressive - they brought a laser and light show that was equally as crazy and flamboyant. The visuals of their set design were that eye-catching, that it shows their growth and how far they’ve come from playing small clubs. 

Their set also included newer material such as ‘You Were Right’ - the track all about unrequited love is also set to appear in their upcoming album. The track also provides a bit of insight into the direction they will take on their sophomore album after spending an immense amount of time in Berlin. Another new track played was ‘Like an Animal’ - released only last month - The smooth number was a hit with the crowd and a nice preview of their upcoming release. 

Though the night felt short - only because their show was too damn awesome - they brought the best from of the crowd, especially considering that it was a weekday and majority of the audience probably had work or uni the next day. RÜFÜS further reaffirmed why they're one of our most dynamic and greatest electronic exports. If you’re hitting up THISTHAT festival this Saturday, be sure to catch their set! 

Written by Amy Smolcic

RÜFÜS | THE FORUM (MELB) | 22.10.15