NEW MUSIC: Aiden Grimshaw - Giving It Up ft Miles Glyphers (Sound Of Fractures Remix)

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Aiden Grimshaw dropped ‘Giving It Up’ recently and it takes a pop structure but makes it unique and listenable, only made better by Aiden’s great vocals. 

So it surprised me when rapper Miles Glyphers dropped a remix of the song with producer Sound Of Fractures. One thing these two do though is take the original song, and give their own unique and interesting interpretation on it.  

One thing that many remixes fail to do is change anything, they might change the vocal pitch or the beat speed and slap a remix tag on it. This song is a great example of a remix that doesn’t do this. The production on this track is amazing and takes the song into a new direction. Aiden’s vocals have been lowered and used for a chorus and outro however his voice blends perfectly into the new production and feels like another instrument.  

Miles Glyphers also did a great job on this track. He fits perfectly into the song and he definitely understood what the track asked of him, flow wise and lyrically, he matches it. He is as candid and relatable as ever, giving us a story about love and loss. With a laid back flow and honest lyrics he fits well into this remix

Overall a great remix in which you can feel the presence of Miles and Sound Of Fractures giving you their unique twist on Aiden’s original song. 

Written by Rhys Prka