Tuesday, October 13, 2015

(Photographer: Joshua Pike)

The Last Dinosaurs w/ Palms and The Jensens

Last Friday night’s lineup at the Enmore theatre was a friendly game of musical State of Origin. And, call it fate, but two against one isn’t entirely fair… so, being inexcusably late, I missed Brisbane band The Jensens and settled in for Sydney’s own Palms and headlining act The Last Dinosaurs (Brisbane). Yep, it was down to two.

Right off the bat, I’m going to call it. Palms delivered with an abundance of mood. And, within their sound, there was a call for influence. Whether intentional or lived in, there were hints of The Pixies within the mix. A little ‘Where Is My Mind’ in the grooves. It was newcomer Charlie, a temporary replacement for Dion Ford (currently in Thailand – I do listen!), who proved he could keep things up to speed (I did hear some of Metallica’s ‘One’ during a brief sound-check - tick). For what was to come, Palmsdelivered a grittier, more heartfelt sound. Desperate in places. The minimal banter was humbling… stealing thunder wasn’t on their agenda (anyway, let the music do the talking and all that jazz). Highlight track? ‘Summer Is Done With Us’ – obvious, perhaps, but true. 

You could call it an occupational hazard… trumped by a support band (contrast can come back to bite you on the ass). But, hey, it’s just a different shot at sound. The Last Dinosaurs (no relation to Denver – look it up!) delivered a sound with added polish, tracks bleeding into each other. Though, with a more receptive crowd (the converted), it’s hard to fine tune a definite stamp between songs (I could just blame the mix). Soak in the applause, banter and onto the next. ‘Evie’, the first cab off the rank, was the highlight track. But here’s the deal… I choose ‘Evie’ only as it opened the door to some separation; an exciting deviation from what was. Unfortunately, The Last Dinosaurs didn’t follow through and my memory was still buzzing with all things Palms

So, there you have it, even with crowd support in dino favour (piggy-backing inflatable dinosaurs to boot), the home team stole the show. Again, apologies times a million to The Jensens.

On a totally different note (and directed at The Last Dinosaurs)... what's with the Media Player visuals? You-don't-need-them. 

Review by D.L. Bugeja



Photographer: Joshua Pike