Sunday, October 18, 2015

Paul Conrad has been busy hooking in deals with Island Records in the UK and Primary Talent the home of Alt J; Lana Del Rey & Kirin J Callinan, and touring Australia with Winterbourne & Eves the  Behavior.

Paul Conrad offers the world his latest track, which was premiered by Radio X in the UK.

His new music video for track 'California' shows a dreamy yet twisted setting that is very intriguing, right until the end.

1) What song reminds you of your youth?

just the sound of vehement jeers and jibes from other kids in the playground who would take the initiative to make it their dutiful responsibility of reminding me what a pathetic loser i was and still am. song wise, 'play with fire' - the rolling stones. my dad would always play this to me. i wonder if he was imparting knowledge & life lessons onto me through song. arson is bad? don't trust mick jagger? don't fuck with mick jagger? don't play with fire? who knows? 
i also have fairly prevalent memories of 'pretty woman' by roy orbison. lord knows why. maybe i just want to dig up old roy, put him in a dress and give him a kiss. 

'play with fire' - rolling stones 

'pretty woman' - roy orbison

2) What song is your ultimate party track?

i loathe and despise parties. besides i'm seldom extended an invitation to attend. i would however go to parties if they played this track repeatedly:

'entombment of a machine' - job for a cowboy

3) What song do you listen to before you jump on stage? 

nothing. i hate music. with that being said, this is inspiring:

The best of casey tatum:

4) What song would you make your theme song?

I suppose the answer to this question would depend largely on the mood and temperament I was in at the time. 
with that being said, perhaps this song is applicable most of the time:

'the scatman' - scatman john 

5) What song reminds you of your first heartbreak?

i neither know nor remember. i've probably suppressed it all with alcohol. furthermore, it's hard to listen to music when you spend your days crying with no pants on. these songs are probably the musical manifestation of those escapades: 

'true' - spandaut ballet 

'two of hearts' - stacey Q

'goodbye horses' - lazarus Q

6) What do you have on repeat right now?

Nothing. except this:

7) What song is your guilty pleasure?

I possess neither guilt nor shame for the things that i listen to, but i suppose one might imagine the following track would instill some degree of guilt and shame in most people. i however love it. 

'what it feels like for a girl' - madonna

Check out Paul Conrad's new music video below.

Paul Conrad - California