FEATURE: 5 Producers You Probably Haven't Heard Of But Should Know

Friday, November 20, 2015

2015 has been a great year for hip hop, with some of its biggest names releasing albums. What many don’t appreciate though are the producers behind those hits, especially the lesser known ones. Here are 5 producers that you should definitely be checking out!

Yung Gud
Yung Gud is the driving force behind the sounds of Yung Lean. The sadboy’s beats are atmospheric, bass heavy, and melodic. I always thought that Yung Gud would be thrusted into the mainstream because of his work with Yung Lean but it just hasn’t happened yet, who knows, but definitely someone to watch out for in 2016

Stefan Ponce
Hailing from Chicago, he is the reason why Childish Gambino went to the Grammys (he produced ‘3005’) and made some of Chance The Rapper’s and Vic Mensa’s biggest hits. However it seems he wants to go on his own and focus less on rap beats, giving him time to spread his wings. An amazingly talented producer.

Stelios Phili
Making a name for himself through A$AP Ferg, producing some of his biggest hits, this producer is unique and fresh. Also frequently collaborating with GQ he has his own style and is recognisable from the get go. 

The 18 year old behind Lil Wayne and Drake’s song Used To, Wondagurl has formed a pretty admirable list of production credits, and even produced a beast for Jay Z at the age of 14. You can only imagine what she will accomplish in the future. 

Signed to WonaGurl this produced made the beat from this year’s big hits like ‘Antitode’ from Travis Scott and ‘Freaky’ from Young Thug. He is versatile, utilising hard 808s and aspects from a wide variety of genres this produces is just about to blow up, so watch out.

Written by Rhys Prka