ALBUM REVIEW: Rick Ross - Black Market

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Rick Ross is a rapper and founder of MMG music, which has signed the likes of Meek Mill, Wale, and French Montana. He has released a lot of material in the past, and all of them have been pretty average. He doesn’t make bad nor great music, just good music, nothing really noteworthy. 

It has been a big year from the MMG leader, from Meek Mill taking a massive L with the Drake beef and the internal squabbles between Meek and Wale, as well as Ross’s own stint in jail after assault. He needed to come out with some music to try keep MMG on track, and the album needed to be good. 

Lyrically, Ross delves into some interesting topics, mainly on ‘Ghostwriter’, in which he talks about all the rappers he has ghost-written for. On the song, he claims “Write a rappers song then go buy a home/ Lyrics they recite these are words I own.” It honestly makes you think of the position of the rap world when Rick Ross claims he is one of the biggest ghost writers out there. He seems to play better when he is pushed to the wall, i’m not saying his lyricism is amazing, but every now and then he hits on some interesting topics, like someone talking about the hood from his private jet. However, a lot of the time it just falls flat and is uninteresting. His flow also is a bit broken at times and could definitely use some improvement.

Production wise things have been toned down a little bit, more minimal beats are showcased on this album and I think it works to Ross’ advantage. When he turns down his boisterous character a little bit everything seems to fit better.  However, when the beats don’t hit hard anymore, they are way more forgettable and as the album progresses they start to blend into one as they all start to sound similar. So if you like Ross’ hard hitting cuts on his past projects you might be left disappointed. 

Overall, the album has a few high points, but Ross fails to bring anything exciting to the project. Some of the features are interesting to listen to like Mariah Carey on ‘Can’t Say No’, however the tracks kind of blend together and sound too similar to hold the album up. The features and production were played safe, he chose the most guaranteed people to make an album that isn’t terrible, and if that was his intention, he definitely succeeded. 

Written by Rhys Prka

Rating: 6.3/10
Fav track: Ghostwriter, One Of Us
Least Fav track: Sorry 
Release date: 4th December
Maybach/Warner Bros