FEATURE: The Best Beefs Of The Year

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Every year, artists have beef with one another, and with the invention of the internet they have only become more noticeable. When these celebrities have beef we all listen. But sometimes some beefs are just better than others... 

Young Thug vs The Game
This one resolved quickly, but it was still fun while it lasted. The Game had enough of Young Thug’s trolling of his friend Lil Wayne and decided to say something about it. First he threatened him at a concert, and then they both traded blows on Instagram (now deleted, of cause). Thug was basically trolling the whole time and The Game took the bait. 

Drake vs Meek Mill
The tweet that started it all...In July Meek decided to go guns blazing on Drake and put him on blast for ghost-writing. Well, Drake seemed prepared and released two diss tracks early on, with ‘Charged Up’ and ‘Back To Back’, with Meek’s reply being widely considered weak. Ever since this moment, Mill has been the laughing stock of the rap world. Besides Drake’s sexist, and all be it childish behaviour that went against everything he originally built himself up to be, he still won. This beef shown that no one seems to care about authenticity in the genre anymore.

Lil Wayne vs Birdman
The amazing story of Lil Wayne this year has been one spectacular slow motion train wreck. Lil Wayne was pissed that Birdman didn’t release his album ‘Tha Carter V’ and starting talking serous smack on Birdman. But Birdman didn’t care about his album in the slightest. Poor Wayne. It got serious though when Lil Wayne’s tour bus was shot up by Young Thug’s manager. Let’s take a moment to be thankful that most rap beefs are on twitter now and not on the street.

Ghostface Killah vs. Action Bronson
We all know Action Bronson sounds pretty similar to Ghostface right? Well when he kinda said he was better than Ghostface, GK was not pleased and took to reddit posting a Youtube video:

Nicki Minaj vs Taylor Swift

When Taylor Swift thought it was about her (and she was probably right), she replied:

It is always interesting to see two industry giants have a go at each other, even if they did make up a few hours later.  

Nicki Minaj VS Miley Cyrus 
When Nicki Minaj called out Miley Cyrus on the VMA stage, any real credibility she had was lost. A publicity stunt formed by MTV, this beef was as processed as those in your burger. 

The World Vs Kanye
From Slipknot’s Corey Taylor, to Cyhi the Prynce, to over 130,000 people who signed a petition to stop him playing at Glastonbury (which holy shit that is pathetic) Kanye is always beefing with a significant portion of the world, even if he doesn’t want it or deserve it. Haters gonna hate indeed. But in the end, it doesn’t matter - because in the end Kanye will always win. 

Written by Rhys Prka