FEATURE: Mixtape Highlights - Edition 1

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Every month a handful of mixtapes are released by some big name rappers. It is hard to keep up with the constant supply of music in rap; I’ll give you the five mixtapes you should download for the month of November.

Chief Keef – Finally Rollin 2
With some fun remixes, of old and new rap beats, this mixtape is interesting and fun and sees Keef evolving just that little bit. If you love Keef, you’ll love this mixtape.

Essential Track: Black Ops 3
Download here

Young Thug – Slime Season 2 
A great evolution from SS1 this mixtape is as great as any Young Thug project can get. Filled with one liners and killer beats. This project also sees his lyrics improve a bit. Something to check out.

Essential Tracl: Big Racks
Download here

Wacka Flacka Flame - Flockaveli 1.5
This mixtape is savage, loud, and insanely energetic and is the music we have been waiting for. This trap mixtape is defiantly one to download. 

Essential Track: Birthday
Download here

Fabolous - Summertime Shootout
Another great mixtape from Fabolous. A few remixes dotted in here and some big name features. Won’t have to wait long for his next release, as it should be coming out in December.

Essential Track: Doin It Well
Download here

Lil Wayne  - No Ceilings 2 
This highly anticipated mixtape from Lil Wayne sees him remix Drake, Future, Eminem and some others. Only a few original cuts on this mixtape but a must for any fan of Lil Wayne. 

Essential Track: Diamonds Dancing
Download here

YO GOTTI - GM8: Download here
Chris BrownBefore The Party: Download here
Trey Songz - To Whom It May Concern: Download here

Written by Rhys Prka