FEATURE: Top 10 Rap Tracks Of 2015

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Here's our selections for the top hip-hop tracks of 2015. The decision was tough as so much great stuff was released within the last 12 months, but here are the stand-outs.

1. Kendrick Lamar – 'King Kunta'
This up-tempo funk song is easily the best song Kendrick has ever made. The hook on this song is so catchy and infectious I find myself singing it often than I care to admit. Top this with Kendrick’s great lyricism, flow, and the amazing beat and you get a killer song.

2. Kanye West – 'Allday'
This is a big tune with some great features, you can’t help but be pumped up when you hear this song and it definitely did not get as much traction as it deserved this year. 

3. Travis Scott – 'Antidote'
A killer beat and a catchy hook makes this song one of the best of the year, it has been on repeat ever since it realised and I’m still not tired of it. 

4. Missy Elliot – 'WTF (Where They From)' [ft. Pharell]
How long have we been waiting for a song like this to creep up! So good to hear the queen of rap releasing some new materiel! The song makes you feel so happy. Missy brings her own unique style to her songs that not one second of this song sounds like someone else’s. 

5. Drake – 'Know Yourself'
“I was runnin through the six with my woes” is hands down the best and catchiest hook of the year. 

6. Young Thug – 'Best Friend'
Another example of a killer hook and beat. This song sees Thugger evolve a bit lyrically, and on top of that his vocal performance is amazing.

7. Vince Staples – 'Norf Norf'
This absolutely beautiful beat was produced by Clams Casino, easily one of the best, if not the best, produced tracks of the year. On top of that Vince has a great flow with a catchy hook. He is able to talk about life on the street in such a vivid and candid way, that it makes for a very interesting track.

8. Freddie Gibbs – 'Pronto' 
Freddie has the unique ability to have a great flow on any track; this track highlights this ability the best. Great Toronto inspired beat and a catchy hook.

9. Jamie XX – 'I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times)' [ft. Young Thug and Popcaan]
Such a great poppy trap song with some amazing melodies by Young Thug. One of the biggest hits of the year and the one I most enjoyed playing over and over again this year. 

10. Death Grips – 'On GP'
Reading through other best of the year lists made me think ‘Where the fuck is Death Grips?’ They released an amazing double album and yet they do not feature in any list, has their meme status kicked them out of the list, or have people just forgotten about them? In any case this song is an amazingly deep and emotional song that shocked me when I first heard it. MC Ride takes his lyrics into a whole other level, the lines: “Last night, 3:30 in the morning, Death on my front porch/Can feel him itching to take me with him, hail death, fuck you waiting for/Like a question no one mention, he turns around, hands me his weapon/He slurs, "Use at your discretion, it's been a pleasure, Stefan" still ring in my brain. 

Written by Rhys Prka