FEATURE: Wickedd Childd's Favourite Tracks Of 2015 - As Chosen By Our Contributors

Friday, December 18, 2015

It's been another gigantic year in music - some of the team at Wickedd Childd have taken the time to select their 3 favourite tracks of the year to celebrate the end of 2015.

Amy Smolcic:

Lana Del Ray - 'High By The Beach'
I'm going to be completely honest here, I am in no means a Lana Del Ray fan - i've always had an appreciation for her songwriting, but her voice has always put me off. This song changed my opinion on her and gave me all sorts of feels. I adore it's cinematic aura and it evokes a real sense of place that is hard to describe in words. I'm sorry Lana for always hating on you for all these years, you've officially won me over.

Jay Rock - 'Vice City' feat. Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, ScHoolboy Q
This is hands down one of the best rap collabs of the year! Though the track can be described as minimalist, the word-play between all the rappers is clever. The stuttering rhythmic flow is memorable and difficult to get out of your head. Even now I can't decide which rapper had the best verse. It reminds me in the good old days when rappers didn't just spit mediocre verses, but instead all bring there own flavour and are just as good as each other.

Every single track Metro Boomin has produced this year.
Okay, Okay....I know this is cheating, but I couldn't choose one. He has been my favourite producer this year and I truly believe his sound has revolutionised the genre during 2015 to a massive extent. This year has been the year Atlanta-style production has taken over. Producers have tried to imitate it, but nobody can do it as good as Metro. You might of heard some his work during such tracks as '3500' by Travis Scott, 'Jumpman' by Drake and Future, 'Jersey' by Drake and Future. You might also know him from his tag at the beginning of tracks he's produced, "Metro Boomin want some more n***a". For your listening pleasure, I present to you 'Aww Man' by Lil Bibby and Future below.

note: I still have no idea what Future is saying on the hook...haha

Kate Carnell:

Safia - 'Counting Sheep'
It’s always interesting to see whether the songs put forward mid-year can still make the cut at the end of the year.  This one is definitely still up there.  Safia smashed it at Splendour and they also released ‘Embracing Me’ which very nearly made this list in its own right.  My previous inclusion and review (here) still stands and the repeat count on Spotify and iTunes continues to rise at an embarrassing rate.

The Rubens - 'Hoops'
I’ve identified the origin of the addiction: Triple J and their stupid ‘feature album’ scheme.  As soon as the ear-worm crawled its way through my cranial nerve I knew that my playlist and I had been infected.  You might say the song was on a continuous ‘hoop’ for quite some time.  Hoops is the title track from their second album, which delivered way beyond expectation and is incredible live.  I caught them at The Cooly Hotel on the Gold Coast and completely fan-girled over Elliott. Dem Margin genes tho.

*Side note – their ‘Hoops’ album artwork can be used to play the circle game from Malcolm In The Middle where you make a circle with your fingers, hold it below your waist and if you manage to coax some unsuspecting chump into glancing at it you get to punch them.

*Second side note – violence is bad mmmkay.

The Lulu Raes - 'Burnout'
After much deliberation it has been decided that ‘Burnout’ by Sydney lads The Lulu Raes would have to take home the final flag.  The first I’d heard of them was at The Small World Festival and it was love at first listen.  I wasn’t lying when I said they’d be on high rotation after that.  There’s just something original about their self proclaimed ‘pop n roll’ sound, largely due to the strange but super voice of lead singer Eddie. 

Honourable mentions go to: Taylor Swift ‘Wildest Dreams’, Kendrick Lamar ‘The Blacker The Berry’ and Years and Years ‘King’.

Rhys Prka:

Travis Scott - 'Antidote'
A killer beat and a catchy hook makes this song one of the best of the year, it has been on repeat ever since it realised and I’m still not tired of it. 

Young Thug - 'Best Friend'
Another example of a killer hook and beat. This song sees Thugger evolve a bit lyrically, and on top of that his vocal performance is amazing. 

Freddie Gibbs - 'Pronto'
Freddie has the unique ability to have a great flow on any track; this track highlights this ability the best. Great Toronto inspired beat and a catchy hook.

Kristy Smolcic:

Slaves - 'Cheer Up London'
I could have chosen any of the tracks from their debut Are You Satisfied? album. They're badass and everything that is great about punk music. I expect in years to come that the duo will be dominating everywhere and I can't wait to see what they bring to the table next! 

Disclosure - 'Omen' feat. Sam Smith
This one wins the award for 'track to feature on repeat on my iPod this year'. Whenever Disclosure teams up with Sam Smith, magic happens and this one is no exception.

Tame Impala - ''Cause I'm A Man'
Was I sad when they didn't play this one at Splendour this year? Extremely. This one made my mid-year fave songs list, and now it has made the final cut onto this list. It's still just as addictive as the first time I listened to it.

Gabrielle Clement:

Troye Sivan - 'WILD'
Possibly one of the biggest bops of the year, this track has been on repeat since it was released! The almost erratic production mixed with Troye’s clean vocals and the harmonies of children singing “WII-II-ILLD” create such a fun sing-song vibe that I’m obsessed with.

Kygo - 'Firestone' feat. Conrad Sewell
This track appears to be my most played track on iTunes. What I like most about it is Kygo’s tropical house production. Conrad Sewell’s vocals are insanely good; I’ve also seen this song live twice now, which has made me love it even more.

Adele - 'Send My Love (To Your New Lover)'
How could I not include an Adele track, ESPECIALLY one produced by Max Martin?! I love how it takes a positive twist on a classic break-up song, “treat her better”. So much love for Adele and those power vocals.