ALBUM REVIEW: Kid Cudi - Speedin' Bullet To Heaven

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Kid Cudi is a rapper, singer and multi-instrumentalist; he started out with a very promising rap career with his debut and sophomore albums which fans and critics loved. They had some great singles and a unique style that was Cudi’s, and Cuid’s alone. However since then it has only been downhill.

Cudi has changed his style completely. This is a rock album or ‘alternative’ as he says - it’s not a hip hop album. This might throw a few people off. Personally I like the fact that he experimented on this album and pushed himself into new areas. But unfortunately, it just falls flat. 

The project is 90 minutes long - way longer than it ever should have been. It also has a second disc filled with demos that, unless you are a massive Cudi fan, I advise you to not even listening to, if you somehow made it through disc one. These demos are absolutely terrible and I have no idea why he even added them on there, all they do is drag the album out longer then it needed to be. It’s kinda like beating a man while he is down. All he needed to do was leave it alone.

This album is filled with some simple, rudimental, and generic instrumentation. From the drums to the guitars nothing stands out and it’s a sea of mundanity. It makes the track’s incredibly stale and similar sounding and any re listens is basically thrown out the window the moment you hear the song. It really becomes hard to listen after the first few songs. Every now and then Cudi hits some good riffs like in ‘Man of the Night’ but they are immensely lacking in this album.

Also the lyricism is lacking on this record. He does deal with a lot of dark topics like depression, drug abuse and suicidal thoughts. However, he does it in a way that can only be described as repetitive, unimaginative, and plain. It fails to fully express himself properly or the emotions that he is feeling. It makes his messages mute and un-impactful, which is sad as he is definitely in some kind of pain.

It also doesn’t help that Cudi’s singing ability…is not that great - he just murmurs. However I really enjoyed his performance on ‘Judgemental Cunt’, it was interesting, varied and filled with emotion. This song was easily the standout of the album. Good drums and riffs with a great vocal performance. It’s a shame he didn’t take the album in this direction for the majority of the project.  

Also why the fuck is Beavis and Butthead all over this album? Seriously, for like a minute at the end of some the songs it cuts to them talking and like discussing the song or whatever. It was the most annoying thing I have ever heard and is easily the quickest way to turn someone off a song. Like how is this not a joke!? How was this ever taken seriously?! It is honestly so bad.

Overall this album was hard to listen to. One or two good riffs here in there don’t make up for the onslaught of bland music. It’s a shame because I used to enjoy Cudi so much. I also advise Cudi to focus on his lyricism as I feel he has some important things to say about his position but they just don’t seem to come out in this album the right way. You have to respect that he is pushing himself into new limits - however, this venture did not succeed. 

Hopefully he just makes a punk album next. 

Written by Rhys Prka

Rating: 2/10
Fav Tracks:  Judgemental Cunt
Least Fav: Too many to list. 
Release Date: 4th December
Republic/Wicked Awesome