Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Being a Melbournian and never been able to attend a Field Day left me curious in what the festival might be like. We haven’t got an alternative in Melbourne if you want to check out some of the incredible artists playing at Falls or Beyond The Valley, but aren’t interested in camping…so off to Sydney it was. Here are 5 things I learned at my very first Field Day.

Rap Is Back:
Did it ever leave? No. To be honest, I just love the sound of the heading. Where i’m getting at with ‘rap is back’ is that apart from Listen Out, no other festival ever has more than 1-2 high quality rappers. At Field Day, there was Skpeta, Pusha T, Tuka, All Day and Young Fathers - each brought extreme hype and energy in their own way. Tuka was the most surprising as i’ve never heard his stuff and I walked away from the festival pretty assured that he’s going to be massive very soon. Also, shout out to Skepta for admitting he had a big night, and still was able to ‘Shutdown’ the festival - lame pun, I know. The real argument here is that festivals need to take note and start getting more rap acts on their lineups!

RL Grime Is A God (And Please Marry Me):
Now this isn’t just my own bias for the guy, he killed it. Not only was he my favourite for the day, I finally understood why he is here every 6 months, the people love him and I don’t see that love diminishing anytime soon. Also, bonus points for playing his remix of Chief Keef’s ‘Love Sosa’.

Collecting Cans Gets You A Free Drink?
Well this is the only explantation I could come to about seeing non-homeless people fight to pick up disposed cans on the floor…that, or they just simply love cleaning the Earth (virtual pat on the back if thats the reason). But because i’ve never see so many people rushing to pick up every can or bottle they can find at any other festival, so i’m guessing that it’s the first explanation that gives reason to this. If Fuzzy indeed offered free booze as an incentive for picking up trash, then you guys are geniuses. It’s probably the best thing I’ve ever seen at a festival.

Even the Artists Had A Great Day At Field Day:
No, it wasn’t just us common folk who enjoyed the day, I spotted many artists around the grounds who also looked like they were having a great time. The lads from Young Fathers were at Pusha T, Skepta was side of stage and grooving to Flight Facilities, and Safia were at Disclosure. 

Disclosure Closed The Main Stage In Fine Style:
No surprise really. No words can be used to describe how truly great these guys were. My heart went out to San Cisco who were playing the Island stage nearby, though I love them too, seeing Disclosure live was an experience that couldn’t be missed. Maybe next time San Cisco.

Written by Amy Smolcic

Photographer: Kristy Smolcic