Tuesday, January 26, 2016

With three incredible artists set to appear in the one venue, how could you not want to purchase a ticket?

Montaigne was the first to hit the stage. Within the last year, her fan-base and support has been rising quickly. Not only has she been gathering lots of radio play across stations such as triple j, she's also been appearing on stages everywhere. With he impeccable powerful voice, she commanded the ears of everybody inside Festival Hall. She played her popular hits such as 'Clip My Wings', as well as 'I'm A Fantastic Wreck'. The truth is, I could of listened to her beautiful voice the entire night. She has a big feature waiting for her and I will be definitely keeping an eye and ear out waiting on what she does next.

Up next where local Aussie legends Art Of Sleeping, who I were lucky to catch at Splendour In The Grass last year. 2015 was their year. Their album Snake Shiver was a massive hit with both critics and fans across the country. I still recall at Splendour when they packed out the tent they were playing during their very early afternoon set, probably more then the Internationals who had later set times. Since then, they've gotten even better live. Their confidence onstage as grown substantially and I couldn't pick a better opening act for nights show.

After two incredible support acts, it was hard to believe that the night was just about to get even better! The first time I witnessed the magic of Boy and Bear was in 2012 at the now dead Big Day Out. Though I was there for Kanye, the Sydney lads caught my attention - especially after their enchanting cover of Crowded House's iconic track 'Fall At Your Feet'. Since then, they have evolved their craft even more so.

They kicked of their set with the ultra sleek 'Limit Of Love' - the title track from their most recent release. Fans were excited the very second they hit the stage - and from the look of their faces, so were the lads. Though they played a number of their new tracks, including a personal favourite of mine 'Hollow Ground' - they showed their diversity by mixing their old favourites as well as new tracks (which were a joy to experience live for the very first time).

It's obvious that Boy and Bear place a massive emphasis on their live shows, it's part of their craft and what makes them so great. They also squeezed in time to have some fun to wish their frontman Dave happy birthday - which also saw the room erupt was singing and cheering,

Their honesty was refreshing too. For those who have never seen them live, they prefer not to perform encores as it's their personal preference not to do one.

Their show was truly beautiful from start to finish. They had the entire room enticed with their stunning performance. They also provide that they can have a venue the magnitude of Festival Hall in awe of their talent.