NEWS: LoveBusk - World First Multi-Streamed Online Festival United for Purpose

Friday, February 26, 2016

Some of this countries best talents have come together for a good cause to help create a positive change in human and environmental well-being. All collaborators will be broadcasting from their homes, studio, back stage or wherever in the world they are straight to you. 

How do I take part in LoveBust?
To take part, all you need to do is simply log into on their favorite device (computer, laptop, tablet, smart phone) and purchase LoveBusk Tip Dollars. yOU can then enjoy the interactive LoveBusk experience and distribute “tips” to your favorite artists and speakers.

50% of profits from each Tip Dollar goes to the Artists or Speaker’s chosen “for purpose” partner and the other 50% of profits goes to LoveBusk’s “for purpose” project – which is building a Children’s Village with / for homeless and orphaned kids in Uganda, Africa in 2016 with OrphFund.

Registration opens 9am AEDT Wednesday 24th February. Register HERE now!

Who is taking part in LoveBusk?
Below is the first round of artists and inspiring speakers who have been announced

  • Asanda Mqiki + Ecgla 
  • Ash Grunwald + Green Music Australia
  • Ben Lee + Inkarri 
  • Dj Samari + Youth Off The Streets
  • Cyrus + Kidzwish
  • Excelsior + Preston Campbell Foundation 
  • Emmanuel Jal + Gua Africa
  • James 'The Iron Cowboy' Lawrence + Rods Racing
  • Kevin Johansen
  • Marianne Doczi + Action Station
  • Murar Kilic & Spice Djs + Orphfund 
  • Pierce Brothers + Beyond Blue
  • Sheba + Orphfund
  • Steve Argent + Orphfund

Will more speakers and performers be added?
Yes, more will be announced in the coming weeks.

When will LoveBust take place?
The event will happen on Sunday March 20th from 5pm AEST.