Monday, March 28, 2016

When you purchase a ticket to see Eagles Of Death Metal, you know you’re in store for a great night. They made their way onto the stage to the sounds of ‘Ladies Night’ by Kool & The Gang. Jesse Hughes represents everything you could ever want in a front-man — he’s eccentric, energetic and charismatic. They opened their set with ‘I Only Want You’, which was the band’s first single almost twelve years ago. From the beginning of the show, Hughes pronounced that they were ‘loaded’ (probably explains why they were late to the stage). The crowd could feel their energy and this translated into a sea of moshing and awkward dancing.

Next up was ‘Don’t Speak (I Came to Make a Bang)’. It was clear from this point that the excitement levels weren’t a fluke and that the energy from their opener was going to be around all night — I mean, once the EODM train is in full force, don’t expect it to slow down anytime soon. ‘Complexity’ provided a chance for them to show off material from their new album Zipper Down.

Hughes made it clear that the show was for the ladies. Which is to be expected as much of their tunes are about sex and their love for females. Hughes also took to the microphone to share words on a much more serious issue the tragedy of the Paris massacre at their show at The Bataclan last November. The one thing that stood out during the show was their genuine happiness they were feeling due to performing to such a supporting crowd. Gratitude was written all over their faces and I’m sure that there won’t be a moment on tour where they will take for granted, and if anything, their negative experience has made them much more thankful for what they do. After a brief moment of silence, Hughes made a statement about the tragedy in true EODM fashion:

“The only way you stop the bad guys from winning is if we shake our dicks and have a good time”

Though it’s hard to select which song was a ‘crowd favourite’ as the audience were in their element for the entire night. Older favourites received the most love this included the ever so sexy ‘Cherry Cola’, ‘Stuck in the Metal’ and ‘I Want You So Hard’. They also managed to squeeze in a few covers, including renditions of ‘Save A Prayer’ by Duran Duran and ‘Brown Sugar’ by the Rolling Stones.

Despite the fact they played approximately fifteen tracks before they left the stage, fans weren’t prepared to move a single step. They returned for their encore, which went for another thirty minutes. Their encore consisted of Hughes going into acoustic mode during ‘Midnight Creeper’, as well as a solo break by guitarist Dave Catching. Though their encore seemed a tad too long, the crowd refused to become restless and enjoyed every moment of it. The final track of the night was ‘Speaking in Tongues’.

Every EODM fan left the venue even more in love with everything the band stands for. Not only did their stage presence impress, it was their attitude and perseverance after everything they have endured that stood out the most. They seem like a new and improved version of EODM and nothing will ever stop them from doing what they love. Rock on lads.

Words by Amy Smolcic
Photographs by Kristy Smolcic