FEATURE: We Play 'What Song...' With Angus Leslie from Sex On Toast

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Not only Sex On Toast the size of a small army, they're charming and brought the early raw 80s back to life again. They've also got some moves and are known for their choreographed stage act. Angus from the band recently took some time about to appear in our latest 'What Song...'

What Song did you last have on repeat?
This track is by Kendra Foster, vocalist for George Clinton's P-Funk group and a member of D'Angelo's Vanguard (one of the best bands in the world at the moment in my humble opinion). It's soulful, Chaka-esque and has a bass line that reminds me of Prince. What's not to love there? Plus her tone is sexy as all hell... Love those vocal sounds she just allows to happen in between phrases...Look forward to a whole record of this stuff 

What Song is your ultimate party track? 
Well this is pertinent since the great Maurice White from Earth Wind and Fire just passed away. It's hard to think of a better party band than Earth Wind & Fire. This is a stone cold early 80's cut with one of my favourite arrangements ever 

What Song would you love to sample?  
We don't really sample very much, but maybe let's go with "If You Had My Love" By Jennifer Lopez. Those few milliseconds of silence before the song starts. Just beautiful. 

What Song is your guilty pleasure? 
'Fig Boy' By the Unbelievable Brothers. It's not on the internet...

What Song should have never been released? 
This one 

 Kill Shniel.

What Song would you love to cover during a live show? 

I'd like to sing Alexander O'Neal's part alongside a beautiful woman with a wispy tone like Cherelle...That'd be the dream.