INTERVIEW: Charles Sale from Babaganouj

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

You’re set to record 3 EP’s this year. How will each one be different from each other?
They will be thematically different. Somehow. At this stage the first one will be about wonder and magic, the second will be about depression, the third will be about power and glory.

Can you share around which parts of the year we can expect to hear them?
They’re gonna be split between months. EP1 will be in April. Expect EP2 in July and EP3 in November.

Listen to 'Do Rite With Me Tonite' for a peek of EP Pillar Of Light, set for release this month:

Brisbane is becoming a hub for lots of emerging talent. Is there anyone coming up who we should watch out for?
Our cute friends Good Boy are pretty good and cute.

What is your favourite thing about Brisbane’s music culture?
We kinda do things differently here. The personality of Brisbane is different to any country or town or city I’ve ever been to. It’s undeniable. Other big cities suck in comparison, it all happens here.

I noticed on your Facebook page you have a quote of someone saying you were ‘loud’. Is there a funny story behind this?
HA! Well to be honest it’s because I complemented a band once with the statement ‘you were loud’ which was meant to be a complement, but in my mind came across as offensive. I think they took it as an offensive comment too. Alas, that is life. I just wanted to accept that personally. Water on a duck’s back.

What can fans expect when they see Nouj live?
We are super nice and good looking so hopefully we’ll show you some good times and some rockin’ songs. There will be some good covers too think for those who are afraid of our great songwriting.

If Nouj were an alcoholic beverage, describe what would be in it and what it would taste like…
Frankly, it would be some rum-based beverage. I’m sorry but it is based on what I have been  drinking recently. So probably a Jamaican rum with soda water and a bit of lime. it’s relatively healthy and tasty. GET IN THE GAME. 

Catch Babaganouj on tour at the below dates:

Friday 22nd AprilWaywards, Sydney NSW 
Saturday 23rd April - The Toff, Melbourne VIC
Sunday 24th April - Spotted Cow, Toowoomba QLD
Friday 29th April - The Helm, Sunshine Coast QLD
Saturday 30th April – Minimum Wage Club Gold Coast QLD
Friday 6th May - Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane QLD

Written by Amy Smolcic