INTERVIEW: Emily Lubitz from Tinpan Orange

Friday, April 8, 2016

Emily Lubitz discusses Tinpan Orange's new album, their upcoming tour, as well as any pre-show rituals she has. 

Your fifth studio album is set to be unleashed on April 8th. How would you say this album is different from what you’ve released previously?
I hope to think the songwriting is better, the arrangements are more interesting and the recording is live and honest. 

Listen to 'Rich Man' below:

What was the recording process like for Love Is A Dog?
Very live. We have been playing for 10 years together and we wanted to capture the way we play together without too many production tricks. A lot of the songs are one take, with just a few overdubs. But, with such a straightforward approach to recording, it still took us more than a year to finish it. We took our time. More than a year of going in and out of the studio to patch it together.

What was it like working with your hubby, Harry James Angus for the album?
Mostly good. We had our share of stern words said under our breath, trying not to let the rest of the band notice we were passive-aggresivley working on some disagreement we had on the way to the studio. But mostly it was good. We have a lot of respect for each other. And love. And Harry is really amazing in the studio, as a player, producer, listener. He has amazing listening capabilities and an endless bag of musical ideas. His mind is always ticking and he also has a huge appreciating for emotional honesty in a performance.  

You’re stopping in every state on your upcoming tour. Is there a particular stop you are most excited for?
I'm looking forward to most of them.. but a few places are particularly dear to my heart. Mullumbimby, Fremantle and Darwin have all been a part of our story as a band in one way or another and we always get a great crowd there. We like towns that a difficult to get to. The further away the better. 

What is the best part about touring?
The shows. Touring has it's perks like seeing new places, meeting new people and lots of free time. But it also has it's down sides, like sometimes unforseeably uncomfortable conditions, fatigue and having too much free time. So much of the day is just waiting and working towards the one hour of glory.. assuming it's glorious.. and so it's the show that is always the best part. Glorious or inglorious! 

Do you have any rituals when you’re on the road? 
I like to eat laksa/pho before the show. I always write my set lists at the very last minute. Sometimes I get a manicure/pedicure just to fill the time and have somewhere to sit down between soundcheck and the show. 

Catch Tinpan Orange on the road at the below dates:

Friday to Sunday 15 - 17th April - Fairbridge Folk Festival - Fairbridge, WA 
Friday 29th April - The Grand Poobah, Hobart, TAS
Sunday 1st May - Fresh On Charles, Launceston, TAS
Saturday 7th May - Toff In Town, Melbourne, VIC
Saturday 14th May – Civic Hall, Mullumbimby, NSW
Sunday 15th May - Old Museum, Brisbane, QLD
Friday 20th May - The Vanguard, Sydney, NSW
Friday 27th May - Spotted Cow, Toowoomba QLD
Friday 29th April - The Workers Club, Geelong, QLD
Saturday 4th June – Fly By Night, Fremantle, WA
Sunday 5th June - The Wheatsheaf, Adelaide, SA

Written by Amy Smolcic