INTERVIEW: Questions with Machine Age

Friday, April 8, 2016

With his co-headline shows coming up mid next month with Darling James, we got to ask Machine Age about 'Don't Look', his upcoming EP as well as how he manages to play several instruments at once.

You released ‘Don’t Look’ last month, how did that song come about?
The instrumental inspiration came from a guitar synth loop I stumbled upon during a live jam. I really loved it's reflective mood. I found it was a perfect fit with an acoustic memo on my phone. The lyrical theme is about shedding your fears about getting into a relationships and giving love a go. 

Are there any sounds you want to experiment with on your upcoming EP?
Well I'm getting close to finishing the songs for my EP and have even been working on tunes that will probably go on the next one. I'm not a fan of repeating myself and have been experimenting with heavier industrial percussion, brass, resampled guitars and even collaborating with a string quartet. Anything goes is my motto. 

It can be argued that Brisbane’s music scene seems to stand out above anywhere else is the country. What do you love about the music scene in Brisbane?
To be honest, I think if you make the effort to head out and about (even as a punter) it's really easy to meet people and make friends. This leads to a spirit of sharing, collaboration and ultimately helps raise the bar. 

You play live as a one-man band, how do you manage to coordinate everything at once? 
Adrenaline is a hell of a drug!

Have you developed a special technique?
I build my set around versatility . Even though I'm creating guitar loops and punching beats in and out on my sampler,  at any given time I can change direction. There is a greater room for error but it lets me vibe off the room and create an interesting and unique show every time I take the stage. 

What was your highlight from 2015?
Pretty much everything, I started the year touring with #1 Dads, packed out the Brightside for my BIGSOUND set and got a 5 star review from Richard Kingsmill. 

What is one major thing you would like to achieve with your music this year.
Releasing my EP. Some of the stuff I'm working on is quite diverse and I'm really looking forward to sharing these sounds with everyone. 

Catch Machine Age at the below dates with Darling James

Friday 6th May - Waywards, Sydney, NSW 
Thursday 12th May - The Workers Club, Melbourne, VIC
Friday 13th May - The Milk Factory, Brisbane, QLD

Written by Amy Smolcic