INTERVIEW: A Chat With Dan Lambton From Real Friends

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Before they unleash their second LP The Home Inside My Head, I got to chat with Dan from Real Friends about the album, playing in intimate venues and what they have planned for 2016.

Emily: Hey Dan how are you going?
Dan: Hello. How are you doing Emily?

Yeah, really good thanks. Firstly congratulations on the upcoming release of your second album The Home Inside My Head.
Thank you very much!

You're welcome! Now it's out on May 27th, are you excited to get this one out?
Yeah! Very much so! And it's out soon, so I don't have to wait too much longer!

The first single off it was 'Colder quicker'. Have you had a good response from that one?
Yeah I think everything has been awesome so far, a positive response overall. You never really know how people are going to respond to it when you first write it. You could think it's the best group of songs in the world, and someone else can think it's the worst, you never really know.

Who would you say your major influences were when making this second album?
For me, I was listening to a lot of The starting line and foxing. I can't speak for everyone though, as it's just all over the place for everybody. 

Was any of these new influences from your first album?
The Starting Line has always been a big influence. And we all love Jimmy Eat World I can tell you that!

I suppose, similar to your influences, Real Friends have been described as a pop punk and an emo band. Would you agree with that comment? Is that the genre you guys are out to get?
Yeah, I would say that, more with some indie-emo influence, yeah sure.

I read that you guys kicked off the new album campaign in a bit of a unique way, by playing in unconventional venues around the U.S, with tickets being only $5. Can you tell me more about these shows?
So like you said we were playing more smaller, interesting places. Like a wrestling ring, we played in some batting cages, in a skate shop, just smaller places that for the most part still have local bands and shows that play there on a pretty regular bases.  I feel like a lot of the kids that listen to our band are a lot younger and might not necessarily have seen those places or experienced much live music. We were hoping that the tour would get kids one step into the door into small local venues. And for us, to be able to play those smaller shows too it was very intimate as there was nothing separating us from everyone else, and it is good to have that feeling.

Was this a good way of getting feedback on your new songs?
Yeah, because those shows were the first time that kids got to hear our new singles and it was a good way to get them out there so they could hear first.

Nice. So you are going to be doing heaps of shows in the UK and around America for the next 4 months or so, and you are doing a mix of festivals and your own shows, what do you prefer doing?
The festivals are nice because we get to see other bands and a bunch of our friends playing and stuff, but I would say as far as ease goes, the club shows are more intimate and you get a better feel for the band, but they are both so wonderful!

Now you guys did a super sweet Mother's Day post on Facebook last Sunday. Is it hard for you to be away from your friends and family for long periods of time when you are on tour?
(laughs) Yeah definitely. Because we tend to miss stuff like Mother's Day, lots of birthdays, weddings and in that sense it can be a little discouraging at times, but we do get to spend that time doing things that we are extremely lucky to do. And we get to spend it with people that give a shit about being there and spending that time with us and connecting via music.

Do you guys have any plans on coming out to Australia anytime soon?
I don't know if there is anything for this year right now... but I can say if not later this year then definitely early next year. It just sucks because you guys are so far away but it's always so awesome when we are there! 

Well, thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me today and good luck for the rest of your tour and the album release!
No problem, I appreciate it, Emily, thank you. 

Written by Emily O'Brien

They are set to release their second studio album, The Home Inside My Head on May 27, 2016 by Fearless Records. Listen to their latest single 'Scared To Be Alone' below: