MUSIC VIDEO: King Lear — 'Competition (Goodness Gracious)'

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Home Baked crew member King Lear has dropped two new singles off his upcoming mixtape ‘wise & futile'. The Home Baked crew has been blazing a path for themselves in the Australia hip hop scene and King Lear is right at the head with the likes of Evanda and Black Napoleon.

The video for the singles features Lear burying a grave, with a tombstone marking ‘competition’, clearly stating where he sees himself. The gritty visuals match the bass heavy and trap influenced beat which hovers over the video like a poltergeist. King Lear murders his flow on these verses and the song features a catchy auto-tuned hook.

This leads to the next part of the video, Goodness Gracious. This part of the video is the binary opposite of the first part. Taking part in a backyard filled with greenery and an extremely turnt kitchen. The track brings the tempo down into more melodic territory and gives us a bit of a break before it smoothly transfers back into the gloomy ‘Competition’ for one final blow.

The two tracks show the development of King Lear and I am pretty excited for his mixtape, and so should you.

Written by Rhys Prka