NEW MUSIC: Methyl Ethyl — 'Twilight Driving'

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Methyl Ethyl is the dramatic fusion of eclectic Australian indie rock and perfect classic pop, the recent release of their video for royal tune ‘Twilight Driving’ has only accelerated their trajectory to the heights of potential for greatness in Australian Music.

Simplistic and clearly articulated, the playful use of the curated home movie accompanying the sensual waves of lilting vocals takes the audience to a place that one would not necessarily expect of this track.Not that it disappoints.

The TV within the existing screen, guarded by ferns and candles for eerie affect, acts as a container for creepy use of shadow and strobe light. The track punctuates expressive movements by band members locked behind what I can only ascertain as a glass cage of emotion.  It is an ode to the mediocre and the safe, houseplants strangling our protagonist’s movements, fighting against the suburban predictability. The clip is artistic and plays well into the angst, solidarity and frustration that the track lyrically alludes to, with artistic use of simple effects and staging. 

This is a solid video, but there are moments where there is a lacking in progression, especially for such a cinematic song.  When I first heard Twilight Driving I was instantly hooked. The bluesy undertone with the twangs of bored sassy drawl made me feel like a bad bitch driving in my Corolla up Erskineville Road. So for me Twilight Driving was always a journey song, in my head it the video was going to take me to some secluded open road, but instead I was forced to look at the track a different way. This is not always a bad thing, but often when I buy cereal that promises a mood ring at the bottom as a tasty prize….I feel kind of let down when I get to the bottom and it’s not there. Like my breakfast dilemma, Twilight Driving as a track made a lot of promises and the video doesn’t quite live up to the brevity of the music.

Written by Freya McGahey